Spanish DVD Film

  techie4me 08:36 10 Sep 2007

I have a DVD pre-film release of a well known box office hit film.
I was sent it from Spain.
It only plays in my multi region DVD player in sound only.
But works on my PC fine.
Is their a way to find what region it's from?

  techie4me 08:38 10 Sep 2007

Should also stated it was recorded onto a DVD+R to which i have put it on to a DVD-R, but still the problems.
Any ideas??

  eedcam 09:22 10 Sep 2007

run it through shrink first that will make it region free then burn as usual

  techie4me 10:24 10 Sep 2007

'run it through shrink first that will make it region free then burn as usual'
Whats shrink?
Is it free & where can i download it?

  Sparkly 10:30 10 Sep 2007

Hi take a look here.
click here

  anchor 10:31 10 Sep 2007

Could it be this one?

click here

  anchor 10:36 10 Sep 2007

Could it be a problem with the TV?. I don`t understand it, but read that the UK uses PAL-1, and the Spanish use PAL-BG.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could comment.

dvd shrink
click here
click here

  eedcam 13:02 10 Sep 2007

Sorry techie thought every one knew shrink Raven has posted the one I am referring to

  anchor 14:15 11 Sep 2007

I don`t think it can be a problem of the DVD region, as Spain and the UK are in the same region; (region 2).

I know that a TV purchased in the UK will not work in Spain, because Spain uses a slightly different PAL system. This could just possibly be the reason why you have sound, but no picture.

I have no idea if DVD shrink will resolve this.

  Sparkly 15:26 11 Sep 2007

Hi techie4me try these AnyDVD and allso CloneDVD download and install the 21 day free trial, i have been useing them for about 4 years anydvd will take out any region code that is there and allso any encryption then you can use clonedvd to burn the region free copy to disc as i said i have used them both for ages and have not had any probs with them at all.
Good luck hth.

click here

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