Spamihilator Configuration with Thunderbird

  Ronnie268 16:00 22 Aug 2008

On my previous computer, I used Spamihilator - click here to filter out Junk Email with Outlook Express.

Now, on my new Vista beastie, using Mozilla Thunderbird, the configuration is giving me a headache.

The setup wizard crashes, a known fault, and on the website they advise you to manually configure it.

click here

When I tried this, it didn't work, giving me a message saying the username and password was wrong.

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?


Ronnie 268

  brundle 16:54 22 Aug 2008

TBird has a built in spam filter...

Which ISP? What are the pop3/smtp server names?

  Ronnie268 19:55 22 Aug 2008

Thunderbird Spam filter is useless. It does not learn and has no whitelist/blacklist facility.

ISP = Plusnet

POP3 =



Ronnie 268

  brundle 20:20 22 Aug 2008

I just tried it with Vista Mail and it seemed to work OK (ISP Virgin) - I had to add a port number as they use the same name for pop3 and smtp server.
Not sure what else you can try - unless you set up Spamhilator and try to telnet to localhost with the info you've put into the username/password area for TBird.

  Ronnie268 09:18 23 Aug 2008

just tried that now.

"Sending the username did not succeed. Mail server responded: undefined is a unsupported domain"

What does this mean?


Ronnie 268

  Ronnie268 09:00 25 Aug 2008

Tried that but I had a problem

I will use impersonal usernames

username = example

address = [email protected]

POP3 =

Do I put[email protected]
or[email protected]
or[email protected]
or[email protected]
or what?


Ronnie 268

  Ronnie268 21:33 25 Aug 2008

It says "Mail server (localhost) responded: is an unsupported domain."

But it actually gets the right domain now.



Ronnie 268

  Ronnie268 21:03 03 Nov 2008

Given up....Thank you for your replies.

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