Spamfighter and Outlook Express 6

  maltose 21:23 26 Nov 2007

I tried Spamfighter but after the first 30 days I saw no advantage and tried to uninstall it. The uninstallation process "failed" as did subsequent attempts to reinstall. Now my OE page starts up very fragmented then gives me tw sequential error messages. The first "PO3 Server has not responded" the second:-
"The server responded with an error. Account: 'Mail server', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR AVG POP3 Proxy Server: Cannot connect to the mail server!', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90"

Any advice please guys? I can still get my mail from the ISp (tiscali) web site, but I want my OE back

  beeuuem 22:10 26 Nov 2007

You don't specify your OS but if it is XP have you tried a System Restore to a time before you installed Spamfighter?

  maltose 22:16 26 Nov 2007

Yes thank you beeuuem I have tried a system response. I have also tried Ccleaner and Ccleaner's registry fix. The OS is XP. If I need to uninstall the OE and reinstall it, is there a suitable site?

  beeuuem 23:44 26 Nov 2007

From the error message it appears that Spamfighter has changed your mail settings.
In OE check in the Tiscali account properties and see which server port you are using. This would normally be 5***
click here gives an eaxample of the settings in AVG.
Check that the pop ports in OE ( under the Advanced tab) and AVG are the same

  maltose 12:23 27 Nov 2007

Well now, last night I tried all I knew - including stopping and rebooting the PC - today when I went to OE, to check on the port, all was AOK. Not complaining but curious. apparently I still have Spamfighter and I guess I had better leave well alone and keep it. beeuem thank you for your advice I have learnt from it and am grateful

  beeuuem 13:36 27 Nov 2007

Google is your friend - and mine!!

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