spam reporting; but this cannot 'infect' can it?

  p;3 16:16 02 Apr 2007

I think the answer is 'no' BUT; having just received a most beautiful 'spam' message seemingly about 'alice in wonderland ' and other delights (no sex..but thats life!); and having copied and pasted it from mailwasher into a word document and mailed it off to the spam reporting adress; I presume one cannot get infected by doing just that...??can one?

even if the original mail had/may have had an infection attached to it?

  Belatucadrus 22:31 02 Apr 2007

No worries p;3 you aren't going to infect anybody by copying and pasting text to a word document. Most e-mail viruses come as executables of some form sent as an attachment, if you haven't copied them any dubious attachment files as well you've not sent anything dangerous.
The only possible issue would be if the message text contained a hyperlink to somewhere dodgy like a phishing site and I'd expect any half way decent Spam dept to be up to dealing with that.

  p;3 22:45 02 Apr 2007

I have actually copied it from the full header preview facility in mailwasher ; so I think it SHOULD be 'safe'? BUT having said that I have also wiped the thing from my OE;
I did have a BEAUTY in yingtongyingtong language all beasut symbols and such; complete gobledegook to me ; it to winged its way to the spam report

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