Spam query with Mailwasher & Webmail

  gazmix 12:17 08 Nov 2006

This morning i used Mailwasher to bring up my dialup connection as usual.
It wouldn't check mail & i got a window appear saying "Bad Username".

I called technical support & they said i needed to login to Orange webmail & delete all the spam from there as there was probably a spam mail that was too large to download!
I did this.
I also clicked on settings & anti spam & i marked all the crap as spam & it will be saved to junk folder!
Does this mean when i recieve any mail via Mailwasher, it won't be any of the mail i marked as spam in webmail?
& each time i get mail i don't want, i should go to webmail & mark it as spam & won't recieve it again via Mailwasher.

  gazmix 13:00 08 Nov 2006


  gazmix 20:29 08 Nov 2006

Pretty please, with sugar on top :))

  Jackcoms 21:18 08 Nov 2006

Ideally you should be using Mailwasher in conjunction with an e-mail client such as Outlook Express, not with webmail.

You do not "receive" mail in Mailwasher as such, it simply lets you see what is sitting on your ISP's mail servers before you download it to your PC.

Having then used Mailwasher to identify spam or identify addresses to be blacklisted or filtered out 'key' words you can then use your e-mail client to download the remaining 'legitimate' mail.

  p;3 21:29 08 Nov 2006

well. I"m an "anyone" so maybe I can come on board;

of interest, as far as I know, the mailwasher program only checks mail on the in box on server and not the spam box;

as stated above, mailwasher works in conjunction with an e mail client such as Outlook express or Outlook and , when the tab "process mail " is clikced, the mails on the server that show in the runnign mailwasher program will be available to download to your pc by clicking on the receive mail tab in the e mail client

of interest, I too get the message "bad username or password" occasionally with mailwasher, as probably do other members

the mailwasher program will not prevent anyone from sending a mail to your mail address on server, BUT, if you do use a mail client on your pc and download mails to it, then you CAN prevent mails you do not want from getting to the computer by telling the mailwasher program to delete them via the tab in the mailwasher program

??does that make sense?

  gazmix 00:03 09 Nov 2006

it makes more sense than many mails i got on here, at least it was helpfull for a novice.

I've gone to webmail & all the mails i got last time i made them 'mark as spam' as it says, so hope fully i wont get 100 mails of shite on my Mailwasher!

Yes i do use it in conjunction with Outlook expres.

I was told to go to Orange webmail & set my settings to all the spam i got to go to my junk mail folder, so now, hopefully i wont get all that crap coming to my Mailwasher.
So now, hopefully i will get my mails i want sent to Mailwasher unless i decide to go to Webmail & add the ones i don't want to 'junk mail' box!
Is that right :)

  p;3 06:51 09 Nov 2006

are you actually downloading mails to your pc and into your outlook express program, and using the mailwasher program;that"s ok; what mailwasher will do for you is, as I said above, check the mails in your in box on server ( and not, as far as I know , the spam/junk box); when you click on the process mail tab in your mailwasher program the OE will open and if you press on the send/receive tab in OE and select receive all ( if you only have one account to check?), then the OE program will download to your pc the mails on server from the inbox;
mailwasher is partly designed to enable you ( us)to decide what mails we want TO take on board and what to mark up as spam and delete direct from server;

when mailwasher opens, if you open up the options tab and click on the general tab, you shoudl be presented with a page that shoudl look something like this

(if my link is right)

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

in the right hand colum you can see lots of tabs options?choose from that what you want to see and the options you wish to use in the program; from that you can use mailwasher identify whay is spam and what is not spam ; also, in the left hand colum of the main mailwasher program you shoudl have delete, blacklist, bounce check boxes;please NEVER bounce mails , but merely delete from server via the mailwasher prgram mails you do not wish to have on your pc;

you cna mark them as spam and blacklist in the program so they will not come to your pc; however, if you are tryign to stop spam getting to you in the first place it is impossible to stop it reaching your server and we all get spam ; problem is how we each deal with it; many of us us ethe mailwasher program to merely delete from server and forget about them

I hope that helps a bit?

of interest, did Orange tell you to go to your server? and you will occasionally get the "bad username" screan appearing same as I do

  p;3 08:14 09 Nov 2006

just to advise; the link above does not utilise the imageshack facility as , as is now known from problems elsewhere,that site or links from is are probably infected (unless anyone knows differently?)

  gazmix 13:24 09 Nov 2006

Ok, i was getting an average of 80 spam mails in Mailwasher a day & around 5 or 6 mails i wanted, e.g friends & forum reply notifications!

I went to the Orange homepage & logged in, set my settings for all spam to go to 'Junk folder'.
I marked all the spam i got that day as 'junk mail'.

This morning, in Mailwsher i just got mails i wanted & didn't have to spend ages deleting them as before.

I then went to Orange webmail & noticed that i would have got 84 spam mails too in Mailwasher, had i not altered my settings.

I was wondering how webmail recognised a mail as spam!
Hotmail sometimes recognises mails i want as Junk & i have to click on the 'no junk' tab.
If i gave a friend my email address & he mailed me, how would webmail differentiate it from mail i want or spam?

  p;3 20:09 09 Nov 2006

as far as I am aware ( and I await to be corrected) , once you have told your server what is spam, or an address you wish to be considered as spam, then any mail from that address will go straight to your spam box on server and presumably deleted after a specified time by your ISP, ( mine is BT and its spam box is deleted every month, for which I do nowt);

for instance, e mail notifications from another forum I am involved with HAD been going to my spam box and I had had to check on my server and remove the spam tag and tell it it is a legitimate mail; so; I presume YOU are going to server and opening your web mail and identifying the spam mail and transfering it to your spam box;

that is one way of doing things; but means you have to open the server ? every day? to check;

it may be a bit laborious , but, if you use the mailwasher option and , when it runs, just mark for deletion and blacklist those that are spam and download the rest as normal, that will save you from opening the server every day

I suspect that each us us deals with spam mail in our own chosen way; you have to decide how you will do it that suits you; but do remember, do NOT bounce mails, merely delete them ; and wel all get spam, even the poor FE ::))

??is that of any help?

  gazmix 01:01 10 Nov 2006

Thanks P;3
I do find it a pain going to webmail to check if any of my spam isn't spam & needs to be adjusted to mail that i want.
I've recieved mail today in Mailwasher, about 6, but all were mails i want. I'm not used to that, i normally get 80 :)

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