Spam to others, coming to me... 01:28 24 Jun 2005

Now this is really P'ing me off!

In the last few days, I have started to get spam,or Virus mail in huge quantities. Fair enough, I know how to stop it normally, but none of them are addressed to me!

The subjects are mainly made up of symbols rather than words, but the "To" line is always to another E-mail address, not mine.

I can't fathom it out (they are not bounced), but I want rid! Please, any ideas?

Cheers, Whiz...

  hugh-265156 01:51 24 Jun 2005

apart from changing your email addy and never giving it to anybody i doubt there is really much you can do as i am sure you know.

i usually give out a hotmail or similar addy when signing up to websites or to contacts i dont trust and this helps somewhat i guess but sooner or later you will get spam i dont think there is any way to get rid totally.

i am with NTL and would get on average 40-50 spam emails daily...well i would if i didnt use mailwasher. i now get around 3 or 4 dayly.

set up a friends list and after a weeks training or so for it to blacklist domailns it gets quite good at its job, you can then tell it to auto delete blacklisted messages. its then just a matter of adding any new spam to the blacklist as you go along. why not try it if you havnt already maybe.

click here 23:44 24 Jun 2005

These emails are not addressed to me, but to other email addresses.

How are they finding their way into my email account?

  p;3 00:57 25 Jun 2005

if you download and run mailwasher you will find thaT it has the facility to enable you to see the full track of the mail; lots of the rubbish I get are to multiple combinations of my address; its I think just luck that your address comes in that lot:)

and spam happens to be a way of life now, much to my annoyance :(( 10:08 25 Jun 2005

It is only recentlly that this has been happening. It is not normal spam, as it is unreadable, and there is only one email address on the 'to' line. This is normally a ordinary address, but it's not mine!

  Belatucadrus 10:31 25 Jun 2005

I add a filter to my mail, :-
Where To or cc does not contain my e-mail address delete from server.
Kills anything not specifically addressed to me. 10:44 25 Jun 2005

Still puzzles me how they are being delivered to me, bearing other people's addresses though!

  Batch 07:28 01 Nov 2005

Late entry:

They are being BCC'd to you (i.e. your email address is being put in the BCC field). BCC is Blind Carbon Copy (i.e. Blind CC) and is not visible to recipients.

You can switch this on for mail that you send yourself (in OE) by going to the View menu when creating a new mail and clicking on All Headers. Try it and you will see.

  p;3 08:47 01 Nov 2005

in mailwasher, you can rightclick on the line concerned while still in mailwasher and preview the mail, also ask it to show full header; there is a small box to tick for this ; that way you can see all addresses to whom the mail has been sent; do that while it is still in mailwasher , and leave it on server until you have clarified that the message is or is not safe to download or that it is or is not spam mail; some of the stuff I preview like that is also a load of utter garbage; chuck it from server using the delete and blacklist options in mailwasher;

  andy625 09:40 01 Nov 2005

For info, I was with NTL a while back and set up an additional email account which I never ended up using. I never gave the address to anyone or registered it on any sites.

One day I checked the account using the ntl webmail (I hadn't set it up on my outlook) and there were about 300+ spam emails from people I'd never heard of, and not addressed to me.

The only way anyone could have got that address was through NTL. I wonder if some little NTL employee is selling email addresses to raise some beer money...?

  Batch 09:46 01 Nov 2005

You were probably BCC'd as above, plus it may have been that your email address was generated automatically. E.g. for "" they already know the and then just generate names (and numbers) in sequence for the left hand part, hoping for a hit

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