SPAM from my own email address

  Grizzla 20:10 29 Jan 2009

I'm getting spam and it appears to be from my own email address. I have blocked it which in turn blocks any emails I send to myself. How on earth is this happening. It almost appears that some software has installed itself on my RUNBOX account and is generating emails within

  MAT ALAN 20:14 29 Jan 2009

click here

One theory...

  al's left peg 21:33 15 Dec 2009

book mark

  Woolwell 21:41 15 Dec 2009

It is likely that your e-mail header is being forged/spoofed by some spam merchant.

  mgmcc 11:06 16 Dec 2009

It is quite common for spammers to insert the recipient's address in the "From:" field as well as the "To:" field. This prevents it from being bounced, as you'd simply bounce it back to yourself.

  Clapton is God 16:41 16 Dec 2009

It's time to change your e-mail address

  peter99co 16:49 16 Dec 2009

Install Mailwasher to catch it on the server. Unless it is really frequent.

  Clapton is God 13:51 17 Dec 2009

"Install Mailwasher to catch it on the server"

And how will that solve the problem?

You can't mark the 'sender' as a blocked address because that will block Grizzla's own address.

You can't mark the sender as a friend because that means these spam e-mails will still come through.

  Graphicool1 14:24 17 Dec 2009

It's been happening to me for a long while now. The only real way to stop it is as Clapton is God say's, change your email address or get a good Spam Blocker that can differentiate.

I use Incredimail and they mark all incoming Spam, even those. I have been deleting them and bouncing the rest.

However it's all been taken out of my hands now. As I my ISP is Orange and they've just started blocking Spam before it gets to my PC. This is just the early stages, so I go to their site each or every other day just to check they are not holding back any legitimate email's. So far though I have to say I'm impressed.

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