spam messages purporting to be from mail delivery

  heribierto 18:15 04 May 2004

I have received a number of messages, which have been directed into my bulk folder so I do not open them.
These messages vary but indicate that there was a failure in mail delivery, yet I have sent no messages which would raise this reply.
Has anyone had similar problems?
It seems to me that these could be viruses if I opened them.

  Forum Editor 18:16 04 May 2004

from Consumerwatch.

  MIke 18:36 04 May 2004

Yes I get them all the time, probably someone who has your e-mail details has a virus that has hi-jacked your e-mail address from their address book. Do as I do ignore them and delete

  Nosmas 18:57 04 May 2004

I had one only this morning. The body of the message read (note the error of the tense): -

"If the message will not displayed automatically,
follow the link to read the delivered message.

Received message is available at:"

and then quoted a url link starting with my email ISP followed by some other reference. This link appeared not to work - nothing happened when I clicked on it.

There was an attachment named message.scr which I didn't attempt to open but first tried to place on my desktop. Immediately My AVG anti-virus sprang to life and on a big red screen informed me that the file contained a Netsky.q virus. I then performed a full scan at the end of which AVG stated it "healed" the file but nevertheless I deleted it,

I was fooled by the fact that I was expecting a reply to a message I had sent to my ISP and thought this was an advice of failed delivery.

Incidentally the email was allegedly from
gft @ jersey-island .com

  g0slp 20:31 04 May 2004

& then you can check anything you're unsure of before it gets to your machine

There's too much of this "stuff" going around

  end 21:01 04 May 2004

I STILL wonder just WHERE they get ones address FROM.....I"ve started getting more "rubbish"; each time I open my mail box I just wonder what will be in it that "does not belong";;;delete, delete , delete, ; as has been said,this rubbish is clogging up the genuine system, which is loaded up enough with "kosher" messages (so- to -speak); I think MY system "works" differently form others, as I do not have mailwasher (cannot see the point as can see my messages senders before I open them)...ridiculous senders,,,only a few " mail returned " far.....

  g0slp 14:01 07 May 2004

I may be wrong, & if so someone will correct me, but as I understand it some 'nasties' can enter your machine even if you don't open the emails. The point of Mailwasher is that you see the details on a server, and you have the option of deleting them (and setting up filters, such as blocking all emails from particular ISPs) before it gets to you.

As this screening only takes a few seconds, It doesn't slow my checking of mail.

Where do spammers get your address from/ Many sources; other folks' address books, trawling off some groups' boards; having your address sold on by certain traders/web sites that you have to register to use; addresses are automatically generated by spammers' machines. The list goes on & on.

Incidentally, I've noticed in the last few days that I am getting more purporting to be from and Forwarding sample emails (including all headers etc) to the 'abuse' address of such ISPs usually get replies saying that 'these messages haven't come from our clients; the address is false' or some such, so I don't bother. (Forwarding such rubbish to the ISP is adding to email traffic as well, of course)

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