Spam Message jamming my FAX

  freaky 21:15 06 Sep 2005

I hope the Forum Editor will not mind me posting this topic.....but it is a causing me some problems.

I have a Brother FAX-930. The m/c received a fax which consists of random numbers, the fax has no ending i.e. as long as there is paper then it just keeps printing!!

I have tried switching off the power, but the message is still in memory. According to the manual you can delete voice messages from the memory, but not faxe's. Neither can you clean or re-set the memory.

Anybody got an idea of what I can do ?

  Jackcoms 21:31 06 Sep 2005

"Anybody got an idea of what I can do ?"


  wiz-king 06:47 07 Sep 2005

Turn the machine off and unplug it from both the phone line and the mains and leave it off for a couple of hours, then try it again. If the message is still there make a paper loop from several sheets of paper stuck together with a good sticky tape and let it run. Invest in a fax program for the computer like Supervoice so the computer can take faxes and then you can preview them on the screen and delete the junk without printing it.

  octal 07:09 07 Sep 2005

That sounds more like a fault to me, why send a fax like that? Even spam faxes are sent for a reason, that's usually to sell you something.

  freaky 08:53 07 Sep 2005

The Fax is headed "Praxis Mortgages To: 441633660596 (441633660596) 07:47 09/06/05 EST Pg 34-".

The message consists of a column of numbers all starting 4417522 + 5 random numbers. I have printed out about 20 sheets and there's still more to come! I have left the m/c without paper, otherwise I will exhaust the print cartridge.

The phone line to the FAX is OK as I can call it from my other phone. This Fax must be in the memory, so the only way to fix it is by clearing the memory. But according to the manual this can only be done for voice mail, not fax's. Whoever sent it must know this.....nasty peoplel.

  anchor 15:08 07 Sep 2005

Try calling their technical help line:

0870 830 4000

8.45 - 17.30 - Monday to Thursday

8.45 - 16.20 - Friday

  freaky 15:16 07 Sep 2005

Thanks for that, I will give them a call and post the outcome.

  freaky 15:41 07 Sep 2005

Just got off the phone from Brother, it was a rather an involved process but the message has been removed from the memory. Everything now back to normal. Many thanks to you and the others for your posts. I will now close this topic.

  Stuartli 16:36 07 Sep 2005

If you get the right fax then you can sort the problem out...:-)

  johnnyrocker 18:08 07 Sep 2005

out of interest could you provide a cut down version of how it was resolved?


  freaky 21:38 07 Sep 2005

The rogue fax was in the memory. I cannot remember the full sequence, but it was something on the following lines:-

(a) Hold down Menu Button, then disconnect the power supply.

(b) Press the Set Button, then had to key in some numbers.

(c) Plug in the power supply and load some paper.

(d) Key in some more numbers.

(e) Unplug power supply

Can't remember the rest, but eventually it printed out on paper "Power failure - Lost Transmission Memory". Therefore clearing the problem fax from the memory.

As a result of this experience, I have set the Fax to manual. This means it will no longer accept a Fax unless I lift the phone. I can still transmit faxes without any problem, but at least I cannot receive any automatically.

I am an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) by profession, as a result I get canvassed by various organisations touting their business. The rogue fax originated from some obscure company selling mortgages, it would appear I was targeted deliberately. The strange thing is that it was sent at 7.15 in the evening!!

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