saddler1962 07:38 20 Apr 2006

Can anyone help? Ive yesterday started recieving emails from various unknown sourses all carrying the same what looks like scanned letter about "south western medical company - goes on about stock symbol swnm?????? - breaking news, etc etc...........goes on about stuff i aint got a clue."
Seem to be getting these every couple of hours from as i said diff sourses
my zone alarm is now set to throw straight in junk mail, but its brassing me off now the number im getting.
virus checked and spyware checked and all clear. So has anyone else been getting them, does anyone know about it? and more important how the hell do i stop them?

Many Thanks

Is it a virus?????

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:47 20 Apr 2006

I had 2 yesterday so I opened them and there was nothing untoward in them part from a singular lack of English grammar and comprehension. Just delete and forget.


  spuds 11:42 20 Apr 2006

Regular intake of spam, don't open just delete.

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