Spam mail

  fazer 12:44 10 Nov 2005

Have recently registered on the type of internet site that e-mails you back with an activation code. However, it seems that I can not receive this activation code and the site itself is sugesting that I check the contents of my blocked spam mail.

How do I do this and if its possible, is it safe to do so? (or will I be "opening the door" as it were).

And before anyone asks, its not a dodgy site!

(XP, Norton antivirus and Firewall)

  ACOLYTE 12:58 10 Nov 2005

Look in your bulk folder,most spam goes there,its safe to look.

  fazer 13:07 10 Nov 2005


Pardon my ignorance but what and where do I find the "bulk" folder?

  ACOLYTE 13:13 10 Nov 2005

What is you email client?

  fazer 13:33 10 Nov 2005

Outlook express using NTL.

  ACOLYTE 13:36 10 Nov 2005

Do you have a web account with NTl? can you log in online to get your mail?,if so your bulk folder will be there.

  fazer 13:43 10 Nov 2005

To be honest, I've never tried - I only access my mail from home using the usual Outlook Express.

Unfortunately, I can't try via NTL now because I'm at work and the site is blocked (!).

So is this (NTL) the only way to get access to the spam mail?

  bretsky 14:59 10 Nov 2005

Yes, I would get yourself registered with NTL to access you email from their web page, and then you can see exactly what email in your inbox without opening /using your O/E, then select the emails you want to keep and delete the emails you want rid of.
Once you deleted all the emails you don't want on your web mail, use O/E in the usual way.

I use W/Doo and they have spam filters which will filter my email, and any email that is tagged as spam will go into a junk folder and after 7 days all the contents get problem this creates is that 1 or 2 legit emails will get tagged as spam by mistake, so, I have to keep an eye out to check whether emails that have activation codes or confirmation details of on line purchases have not been tagged as spam and if they have I can let W/Doo know that these emails are "legit" and not spam.

I get 30+ crap emails a day, Wanadoo doing a sterling job of filtering them out, none get downloaded onto my pc from O/E!!

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 15:04 10 Nov 2005

Should be "what email IS in your inbox without"

bretsky ;0)

  fazer 15:16 10 Nov 2005

Thank you everyone.

I'll do as you suggest and get registered with NTL.

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