Spam increase despite Mailwasher! Suggestions?

  Taff36 07:26 02 May 2005

I use Breathe as an ISP and have done for years so I`m reluctant to change but .... Until March I never had any spam at all and then I started getting about 60 a day. I installed Mailwasher which does it`s job and I bounce it all. (Is that the right thing to do? Or should I just delete it?)

Spam over this weekend has hit 100+ a day. No help from Breathe Technical support either. Any suggestions folks?

  Derek 07:44 02 May 2005

I'm interested too since I have the same problem but about 200 a day.
What I want to do is have the offending spams deleted automatically by refering to my chosen words such as "Pharmacy" and many many more.
I think that I've done everything right...but have I ?
Thanks Taffy for highlighting the problem once again. I'm with NTL.

  Taff36 08:09 02 May 2005

Are you setting up message rules then in Outlook or Outlook Express to do this? I`ve done that successfully before but I want to get rid of them before they are downloaded to my computer from the ISP server.

BT Yahoo have a good system that they operate which puts all suspect mail into a spam box and they delete it after a month. You can access it via web mail and check they haven`t accidentally put something there that was meant for you. Similarly if you receive spam via their server you can mark it as such and that helps them identify it.

Mailwasher was recommended by VoG and that previews the server messages much the same as web mail and allows you to mark messages as spam and then delete/bounce/blacklist (any combination). My concern about bouncing is that I read somewhere that doing so confirms a valid e-mail address and increases the spam. Once they are delivered to your computer they would suggest to the spammers that it definately is a valid e-mail address. Dilemma or what?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:12 02 May 2005

Morning Peter,

your phrase [quote]I bounce it all[/quote] may be part of the problem. Firstly, such spam rarely comes with a genuine "from" address so it gets added to the general mess of spam going around the net and simply clogging up servers. Furthermore, any that does have a correct "from" address will likely have built in detectors to recognise what is coming from mailwasher and thus confirm that your address is real.

I have noticed an increase in spam over the last week or so (but thankfully nothing to the extent you are suffering) and use mailwasher to filter it out. I simply use mailwasher to delete it before it comes to my mail client and that sorts it out.

I am not sure what you can do. Does your ISP have any spam filtering options? I use Waitrose for mail and via their website I found it possible to turn on mail filtering.

Sorry not to have any good news,


  g0slp 08:18 02 May 2005

Mailwasher in itself won't reduce spam, as you know. What it is doing is preventing the crud from getting onto your computer.

I've recently had a spate of 'new' spam, & for the life of me can't understand why, as I'm careful with the email address. It's possible that someone 'new' has obtained a "spammer's mailing list" :-((

The debate about whether to delete, bounce or send to Spamcop (as well as deleting in that instance) has been discussed before. Perhaps it's due another airing!

Interestingly there seemed to be a dramatic reduction in spam when NTL (my ISP) initially set up their filters, but I think that the spammers may have come up with ways round it too.

Until the Chinese, Korean & Brazilian authorities (as the worst examples from recent spamming) start clamping down on spam emanating from their countries then we're stuck with it, I fear.

  john-232317 08:19 02 May 2005

The only positive cure is change your address.
I have had a Spanish ISP for about 2 years and only had about 3 yankie spams in that time. When i was on Virgin in UK it was a nightmare.

  john-232317 08:21 02 May 2005

My hotmail is almost spam free also ?

  maveric 08:50 02 May 2005

You could try Thunderbird, it will spam most of it away for you, I use it as I get loads of spam on ntl BB. It gets about 95% once trained.

  bof:) 09:16 02 May 2005

Hi Taff36, I also use the free version of mailwasher and find it very effective. As mentioned by Diodorus Siculus dont bounce unwanted emails, delete them and add to your blacklist.

I've also found an increase in spam but once blacklisted mailwasher deals with them by highlighting them in red so I just read all 'normals or friends' and add everything else to my blacklist.


  961 09:26 02 May 2005

The key suggestions above are all part of spam control......

Never bounce. It may make you feel good but in will increase your inward spam

See if your isp has a spam filter and if so turn it on

Use mailwasher. Set up filters with words such as "teeen" "medication" "hottt" and "rolex" You know the words

If you have the paid for mailwasher use the FirstAlert spam database

Finally, watch where you leave your email address

  Taff36 10:53 02 May 2005

Starting to understand it all a bit better. I`ll just delete for the next month and see if I get a reduction in spam. Breathe incidentally used to have spamcop but you can`t "turn it on" since they changed their webserver back in March. Whether they have it on permanently I doubt.

Maveric - What is Thunderbird all about? Can you give us a link please.

961 - I presume you use the paid for version to get access to this FirstAlert database, is it any good? I`m looking for the filters now.

We`ll keep this thread open for a bit longer. Interesting getting everyone`s views - thanks all.

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