Spam emails, why ?

  mahalo 10:00 13 Mar 2006

Forgive my ignorance, could someone explain to me what are the benefits of sending spam emails ? I receive quite a lot now, I think this is because I opened one by mistake quite a while ago. Is it just for the sake of it or is there financial gain. One thing I do know is that they are a b' nusiance.

  Fingees 10:03 13 Mar 2006

Supposedly for the same reason you receive junk mail through normal post.

Emails cost nothing to send, so only have to get a few positive responses from there advertising to make it pay.

  johnnyrocker 10:04 13 Mar 2006

mostly issued by people with nothing better to do with their time.


  spuds 10:38 13 Mar 2006

Spam usually amounts to the financial rewards that can be gained by others.One lesson that you have perhaps already learnt, never open any email that you regard as suspect.

There are various laws regarding junk mail and spam, but the enforcement of these laws, result in a never ending battle.It may help if you used good spam reducing programme like Mailwasher or K9.

  mahalo 13:38 13 Mar 2006

I usaually delete them, but at the time this one came in my inbox, and the subject was familar so I opened it much to my now regret. They are usually in the Junk Mail box and I empty it without opening them. Would either of these programs stop them ? or would be just as easy to delete them as they come in.

  mahalo 13:44 13 Mar 2006

Has anyone tried ??

  spuds 16:27 13 Mar 2006

Nothing is 100%, but if you configure either Mailwasher or K9 correctly, then quite a large margin of the battle is won.

Haven't any knowledge on Spamjab, but both Mailwasher,fid,20000,00.asp or K9 click here have good recommendations.

  spuds 16:31 13 Mar 2006

Whoops some errors: Mailwasher click here

On the keir link, click on software, then select K9.

  shellship 16:32 13 Mar 2006

Try InBoxer. Works v well for me.

  terryf 17:11 13 Mar 2006

If you are using OE you could always click on Message>Block sender, This may reduce some, alternatively (and I know this is a pain) set up a new account and email address that you promulgate only to those you want to know and close the offending account. Since I changed to another ISP and hence new email address, my spam has reduced by 99%

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:21 13 Mar 2006

You can email 10 million people with just the click of a mouse. If only 0.5% reply then you are quids in, as the mail out has cost you nothing. A lot of spam relies on people being stupid or greedy....and there are many of them about.


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