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  Mr. Chips 15:52 14 Dec 2006

I seem to have had my email address co-opted by some wag to send bulk spam emails under my name.
Does anyone know where I can get more information about how this happens, and if there is any way of getting it stopped?

  Graham. 16:06 14 Dec 2006

I suggest you contact your ISP. They may be able to trace the culprit.

  Jackcoms 16:09 14 Dec 2006

"Does anyone know where I can get more information about how this happens"

If you use your e-mail address a lot to sign up to e-newsletters or at a wide variety of websites, it's easy to 'harvest' e-mail addresses for spam purposes.

"if there is any way of getting it stopped?"

No. Other than to change your e-mail address and use it sparingly, i.e. do not spread it all over the web as described above.

You can filter out spam before it reaches your PC by using click here

  Mr. Chips 16:54 14 Dec 2006

Thanks folks. I have a number of web sites that I have written which includes my email address ... so that is probably where they got it from.
Unfortunately the address is actually a rather nice domain name, so I can't really stop using it. ... or rather don't really want to.
It is a shame that there is no sanction against these guys.

I have regisetered my domain name with Easily but have my ISP as uwclub. Which, do you think, would be the best to contact. The domain name holder or the ISP?

regards, and thanks for your time.

  Graham. 17:05 14 Dec 2006

ISP. They can see where the emails are really coming from.

  FreeCell 17:34 14 Dec 2006

If you want to change your website to stop future spiders taking your email address then see this link.
click here

It doesn't stop spam as the address is already out there, but if you can change it say from [email protected] to [email protected] then you can stop downloading from the old one.

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