Spam email problem.

  Prism 11:44 04 Mar 2007

Hi everyone,

I have recently started to receive numourous emails into one of my email accounts.
These emails mostly refer to Share trading and the like and others would appear to be from Mail delivery services informing me that the mail which I sent to ***** could not be delivered for a variety of reasons such as the mail address does not exist or the mail is suspected spam etc.

I remember some time ago there was a Trojan or something that was using mail addresses from Contact lists to send out mails referring to Shares so I suspect my problem is something to do with this.

I have checked my Mail Outbox and none of these email are listed as having been sent from my account. I have also run Norton system tools and Microsoft Defender which are both up to date and they are not showing any problems with my PC.

Is it possible that my email address has been highjacked and these messages are being sent from someone elses PC unknown to them?

Any help on this would be appreaciated as I'm receiving up to 30 messages a day and starting to get very frustrated.


  Jackcoms 11:48 04 Mar 2007

"Is it possible that my email address has been highjacked and these messages are being sent from someone elses PC unknown to them?"

Yes, it's possible but it might just be ordinary bog standard spam which is the bain of everyone's e-mail life at some time.

Use click here to filter it out


Change your e-mail address and let only about 2 people know that address and you then MIGHT not be troubled again with spam.

  Quiet Life 18:00 04 Mar 2007

Hi If you are receiving returned mail that you did not send out then your computer must have been highjacked to send out this mail.
Run one of the free Trojan finders Like Spybot and see what it comes up with.
These share recommendaation spam e-mails are a real pain. They are sent out from highjacked machines and as the sender changes all the time it is a waste of effort blocking that sender as he is unlikely to be used again.
They are usually sent out to one sender with several hundred others named in the BCC category. I used to get the same e-mail several times and they were not even addressed to me as I was included as a BCC. And the total per day was about 30. I complained to my Server that this was the sort of spam they should be filtering out and if they could not do it I would move to g-mail as I believe they have a good spam filter.
Anyway all the spam stopped so I presume they changed their filtering.

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