spam e mail

  raggy 2 09:50 09 May 2003

can you help i keep getting lots of junk mail but i dont want to down load mail washer or spam pal is there an organisation i can contact to get these from being sent to me or does anyone have any other advice

  hoverman 10:04 09 May 2003

Why don't you want to download Mailwasher? I use the program to alert me of the content of any emails without having to download them. It has also warned me on two occasions about a virus in an attachment so I was able to delete them immediately at the server end. You can also set Mailwasher to automatically delete/bounce emails on a blacklist. Mailwasher may not stop all spam but it certainly does make dealing with the problem easier.

  mikef™ 10:08 09 May 2003

There is an email preference service that's works the same way as the Telephone preference service, HOWEVER it only works with registered, responsible British companies so does not work with 99% of the spam, the only way to try and reduce it if you don't want to download one of the blockers is to try and use the Block Sender function in OE. However, again, this does not work with a lot of spam as they use a different address everytime they send.

What you must not do is reply to unsubscribe as that confirms a live address and you'll get even more.

Some ISP's such as BTOpenworld BB and AOL now include blockers as part of their service.

  hoverman 10:34 09 May 2003

I am with BT Broadband but haven't bothered to subscribe to their anti-spam blocking service. I understand that to see what spam has been intercepted you have to log on to your e-mail account first at BT, and then open up the spam folder. This folder is not accessible through Outlook Express - you have to log on to BT to view it. Maybe I am being lazy, but I prefer not to bother when I can use Mailwasher to show me immediately what is waiting at the other end. I prefer to be in control myself. What do others think, or do??

  mikef™ 10:44 09 May 2003

I use the BTO spam blocking using Brightmail and as you say you have to go into Openworld's email to see what you would have got, however it now means that I only get 1 or 2 spams a week getting through, plus it also screens for viruses and more than once has deleted an infected attachment before reaching me, OK my Norton AV is kept up to date but it's nice to know it is blocked at the other end as well.

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