Spam coming from friend's e-mail address

  grumpy-git 00:09 29 Sep 2010

Over the last weeek or so I have been receiving spam that appears to originate from a friends e-mail address. The content is just a web address, which I never click on.

It appears that the e-mail is also being sent to other addresses in his address book, using Cc with a list of addresses.

How does this happen, is his pc infected by a virus in some way? I have asked him to run a full scan on his pc, don't know what anti-virus he uses, but nothing was found.

Any suggestions I can pass on?


  Diemmess 09:15 29 Sep 2010

..... your friend has a virus.

A remedy (hearsay from my friends) -

Download a copy (freebie) of SUPERAntiSpyware to a pendrive of yours. Then plug the pendrive in his computer and run the program from that.

This will prevent the malware from hiding itself.

  grumpy-git 09:51 29 Sep 2010

Thanks, I'll pass on your reply. There is more than 1 pc in his house, so he can do it all himself.


  grumpy-git 15:45 29 Sep 2010

Just had this reply from him:-

"Had loads of them (spam) in my BT account spam box this morning. Have done as advised with Super Anti-Spyware and run a check - didn't find anything though....."

So as yet he hasn't found the source of the problem.


  Diemmess 16:24 29 Sep 2010

I have only ever had a virus and that was over 20 years ago ('Stoned', acquired from a floppy!)so I'm not the best person to help you.

I did have your trouble from a friend afflicted for a short while by a trojan. He had asked for Canoe Club events in the Canaries. He was embarrassed and cleared the virus quickly but how, I know not!

There are lots of genuine virus slayers out there who I'm sure can get you out of this.

Meanwhile try free MalwareBytes, and run the computer in Safe Mode, to avoid the trouble lurking in some of the drivers.

  grumpy-git 16:35 29 Sep 2010

Thanks, passed that suggestion on to him.


  March Hare 18:10 29 Sep 2010

I had this happen recently to my Hotmail account. I was advised to change my password; that seems to have fixed it.

  grumpy-git 18:47 29 Sep 2010

Change password - thanks, I'll pass that on as well.


  Jameslayer 19:15 29 Sep 2010

My mate is also suffering from this on bt. Not sure if he is planning to do anything about it. doesnt have a computer at home. Seends out several aday.

  grumpy-git 19:21 29 Sep 2010

"My mate is also suffering from this on bt"

How strange, his account is also with BT.


  Jameslayer 19:29 29 Sep 2010

I relise now why he hasnt fixed it. He is on holiday with the wife. Just rang him up he is going to try changing the PW. Just sent him a text reminding him he needs to remove the virus first.

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