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  john bunyan 14:51 02 Jan 2008

Spam seems to be increasing again. I use Outlook Express and Bullguard (Firewall, virus and spam protector). Spam is indicated but my blocked senders list is now very large. I have tried without success to create a message rule that blocks all e mail other than people on my address book ie a whitelist so e mails from other sources do not reach me at all. Is there a way of doing this using my normal ISP ?

  silverous 15:25 02 Jan 2008

If you are having to resort to adding sender email addresses (I presume that is what blocked senders is) then your spam solution isn't ideal - spammers won't typically keep sending using the same addresses so once you've received them blocking them is ineffective. You really want spam software that can do heuristic/bayesian analysis, and can also use RBL (real time blocking lists) to filter out spam. I'm not familiar with Bullguard, but it doesn't sound like it is a great spam protector if it can't do such things.

  DieSse 15:46 02 Jan 2008

The Thunderbird email client has a junk filter built in, which self-trains to separate out junk mail - plus a filter you can use to add objectionable words/phrases in.

Like any anti-spam measure it's not perfect, but it keeps the spam to manageable levels.

It also does have in it's filter "only messages from people in my address book" - whch is what you are looking for.

  p;3 16:17 02 Jan 2008

try this little gem click here check mails on server and delete from server mails you do not wish to download; you cannot stop spam being sent to you but you CAN stop it at and delete it from your server using this tool ; but please do not be tempted to bounce any spam

  john bunyan 16:49 02 Jan 2008

Thanks for replies. silverous - Outlook has a blocked sender list which at least stops repeats. Bullguard is similar to other anti spam programmes and includes the things you mention , but I thought I had read somewhere of a programme which only "allowed" e mails from people in one's address book. DieSse, p;3 -I will look at the other programmes but word filters are by - passed by spammers sending photos of words rather than text. Ideally I don't want to have to sort mail from "strangers". I'll probaly resort to changing my e mail address.

  p;3 16:56 02 Jan 2008

mailwasher does not use'filters' as such ; YOU decide when you open and run mailwasher which emails you wish to download and which to blacklist; you can preview the mails on server also by this program; you can always try it out and see how you get on with it? it is very simple to set up and easy to run permantly minimalised in the system tray ;

  john bunyan 17:03 02 Jan 2008

p;3 Thanks - will try it. JB

  SouthernComfort 17:53 02 Jan 2008

I really don't see why you need Mailwasher. If you use Thunderbird you can also download headers only, like Mailwasher, and set filters on sender or subject etc.
It can also be set to download all full messages ONLY if sender is in your address book. or as you wish, download ONLY mails from those in your address book.
Messages can also be opened with a click to override headers only.

It will block images and scripts and its filters can delete messages that contain words like viagra etc ON THE SERVER, so you never see them.

You can get really good and route mail through spampal (in Windows) which will mark spam as "spam" so you can auto process them.

Another trick is to download your POP3 mail account to Google Mail and have it forward it back to an alternative address with your ISP (if you can have more than one).
Or just view your mail in Google mail. This makes use of the Google filters, which are excellent.


  john bunyan 18:12 02 Jan 2008

SouthernComfort. Thanks to you and the others. Thunderbird looks worth a try. I will mark the thread as resolved for the moment.JB

  silverous 09:28 03 Jan 2008

If they are available and you are using all the things I mentioned in Bullgard (are you?) then your spam problem (at least to your inbox, if not to a "potential spam" area) should not be a massive one - particularly if it is a program that includes regularly updates spam signatures.

There is some software out there I believe whereby anyone emailing you will first get a web page link back which they have to click on and validate themselves before your mail client will accept the email - I recall reading about that.

There are also clients/filters I'm sure that will only allow email from your address book, but I'd want to be sure that you get to review any that it 'drops' (i.e. it doesn't literally drop them) as you may occasionally get an email from someone and haven't yet added them to your address book - unless you are 100% diligent in doing that. e.g. you may subscribe to an email service where the sender address changes regularly and not be able to add each permutation.

  john bunyan 12:00 03 Jan 2008

silverous. Yes to the first part. I get about 10 a day of the usual viagra or phony watch stuff, usually, I suspect , using a photo of script to by pass word control in message rules.
I thought I had read about a paid for service (about £3 a month) that does what I want but have forgotten it's name. Thanks for your helpful advice. JB

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