spam blocker and the vanishing GOOD mail

  anniecat 12:19 02 May 2004

I picked up a link in the forum to filterspam and signed up yesterday(Sat1st)morning.. followed to the letter the instructions and thought at first it was top notch service.. checked the "spam" on their site and sure enough loads of nasties.. got my friend to mail me with something a a tad suggestive in title to test and several hours later it did appear in the spam box, meanwhile sent good mails which showed in my isp web inbox, then they vanished from there and have not been seen since, even though some were from my secondary address to myself and I had unblocked my friend. I had checked the settings I had been given and they were in tact on the servers tab but everytime I clicked ok it would tell me to "restart" to enable the settings. I have done this 4 times now, even shutting down entirely once. on one occassion a couple of the missing mails actually made it to my outlook express inbox, but several hours later, (it does say it may be a little slow at first) and ones sent before were still missing. I've been like a mexican jumping bean hopping from one inbox to the next trying to track these mails and it would seem they are heading into cyberspace once filterspam have decided they AREN'T spam. could the "restart" message I'm getting on my server settings tab mean I have a prob and this is why the mail ain't getting through. I have contacted filterspam by mail and tried phoning .. no reply as yet.. HELP PLEASE!!!!

  spuds 12:41 02 May 2004

Like all spam blockers, they can have their problems if not set-up 100% right.A simple word or letter can make a difference.In some cases your ISP may not like your choice of spam blocker that you intend to use, and can cause a few wobblies from time to time.Not sure, but I believe AOL can have these restricted problems.

Sending a email for support, may take a few days for a response,so you may need to wait.

  anniecat 13:01 02 May 2004

I DON'T BELIEVE IT.. 3 mails I sent to myself during the night have just turned up, the first one I sent however had ended up in the spam hours ago which I unblocked and put sender in the "good" box... Doesn't mean to say that unidentified good stuff won't disappear.. OH DEAR !!!! :-{

SPUDS.. these people have a really long list of good testemonials and I'm probably jumping the gun and not giving it enough time to bed in.. I have written and phoned (says anytime, but maybe not Sunday eh).. Didn't know ISPs could be spiteful, mine's Tiscali and they SELL anti spam so maybe you've got a point there.. thanx.


  anniecat 13:06 02 May 2004

SPUDS.. or anyone.. any ideas on problem with my "restart" prompt keep popping up when checking settings ?

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