spam blocker question

  ole1999 21:05 06 Jun 2003

hi guys
seems to be an awful lot of questions regarding software to stop spam, i have spampal installed and not really sure if i am using it to its full potential, all my junk mail is going to my deleted folder ( well most )allowing me to see if anything important has got thru, what i cant seem to understand is the job its doing is merely saving me seconds in something i could do for myself which is deleting the junk,the time it takes for me to delete any unwanted mail is prob 1 sec longer than the software is also sending it to my deleted folder,excuse my ignorance but i just cant get my head round why everybody raves about these programs, yes they get sent to a folder of ur choice, but we still have to look at the buggers coming thru when we open up outlook etc, in work i check my email from my fone, i see 10 emails, knowing 2 well that about 8 will be junk,might be missing the point completely here but the time when i only receive emails from friends and family etc will be the time when i am elated and not watching spam getting filtered b4 my very eyes.
can anyone shed any light ? or have am i just not getting the most out of my spampal
cheers guys

  Leejg 21:17 06 Jun 2003

I use Mailwasher it reads your e-mail before you download, it picks up some spam but not all. All you do then is add any others to its "Blacklist" so it deletes them when they come round again, which the seem to do.

  ole1999 21:24 06 Jun 2003

so many to pick from i havent tried mailwasher, ill give it a go thanx

  Andsome 21:36 06 Jun 2003

The point about Spam Pal is that you do not need to delete each item separately. You just open the Spam folder and quickly glance at all the items, if you are happy that they are all spam, just left click once inside the window, then click Ctrl and A simultaneously, then press your delete button, and the whole lot go all at once. If genuine items have got through, enter that address into the whitelist, and these items won't be stopped again. If unrequired items have not been sent to the spam folder then add these addresses to the blacklist, and they will be stopped in future. Spam pal with me was probably well over 90% efficient from the start, and after doing a few white listings and black listings over a few days, is now 100% efficient.

  ole1999 21:42 06 Jun 2003

thanx for that i will make it my next task

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