cambois 17:47 22 May 2003

I am sick of getting spam; some of it contains pornographic material. I have had a look at the headers to get the email address which some of them look is if they are coming from yahoo. I have emailed yahoo who have told me that it is not coming from one of their accounts and that they can’t help. Can any one tell me how to stop these emails?

  Willow12 19:06 22 May 2003

Cambois which type of Email account are you getting the spam on?

If it is Hotmail then go on to the MSN Website, click under HOTMAIL, OPTIONS, under MAIL HANDLING click CUSTOM FILTERS. You can now decide which words when used in the Email headings will be automatically deleted.

Good words to eliminate are, girls, sex, free, xxx, porn, you get the idea. Also set up the first part of your Hotmail email address to be filtered as a lot come through for example
tony123 you have won etc. etc. so if your email address was you would include tony123 in the filter.

Hope this helps.

  Willow12 19:13 22 May 2003

Also never open or respond in any way to spam emails. A favourite way of them doing this is asking you to click somewhere on the Email to stop it being sent again. This just confirms that you exist as names are found using computer programs. Once they know you exist you will get loads more.

Check out page 326 on Teletext as this has a five pager on dealing with SPAM!!!

  cambois 07:58 23 May 2003

I use Outlook XP and have a few POP3 accounts

  mole44 08:10 23 May 2003

ah spam,yup nice in batter,but a real pain on e-mail.on hotmail you can filter it.i did went from 50 spams a day to nothing.

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 08:12 23 May 2003

download mail washer click here

its free and can stop the spam in weeks

  -pops- 08:14 23 May 2003
  -pops- 08:21 23 May 2003


Surprised no one suggested it earlier.

  Steinman 08:33 23 May 2003

Mailwasher, or set up some rules in O.Expr to block the emails - however if getting loads then would be a pretty hefty Blocked Senders list!
Mailwasher as mentioned above is good. Bounce the spam back!

  hoverman 08:57 23 May 2003

Mailwasher did not stop the spam for me. Until a week ago I was getting anything up to 50 spam emails a day. So much for the so-called bouncing. The main advantage with Mailwasher for me is being able to read the email headers to determine the content without downloading. I have Mailwasher set to auto-delete addresses in the blacklist, but many get sent out again with slightly modified addresses. I have now signed up with BT's free Email Protection service so that they can now do the donkey work now in filtering out spam. I still use Mailwasher though to trap any that BT might not pick up.

  -pops- 09:01 23 May 2003

Like you, I use the BT service but I am finding that more and more rubbish escapes their attention such that yesterday, I had just as many junk emails through to Mailwasher as were trapped by BT.


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