qwesaws 15:28 15 Jul 2009

I`ve been sent an email which hasn`t turned up in my inbox I queried this with the sender and they say that it may have been treated as spam or similarif this is the case is there anyway I can find it on my system

  Clapton is God 16:01 15 Jul 2009

Do you have a spam filter/rules set up in your e-mail client?

Does your ISP have a spam filter/folder at its web mail site?

  qwesaws 16:12 15 Jul 2009

Thanks but where do I look for these can`t see anything obvious

  Clapton is God 16:17 15 Jul 2009

Presumably only you know if you have a spam filter or rules set up in your e-mail client (Outlook Express, Outlook, etc). If so, check in the deleted items or spam folder within your client.

Go to your ISP's website and log in to their web mail service. Have a look for a folder called 'Spam' and look in there.

  qwesaws 19:26 15 Jul 2009

Thanks again looked in isp webmail spam no joy but at least you showed me another to look in in future

  johnnyrocker 20:00 15 Jul 2009

what mail system are you using?


  qwesaws 20:38 15 Jul 2009

Windows mail on vista

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