marcbryant 03:02 22 Oct 2006


Over the last few months I have been getting a lot of spam in my normal e-mail account,not hotmail or anythng like that. I have tried AVG anti-virus, Adaware and Spybot, all to no avail. I am sure it's a rogue program on my PC as they just keep on coming and all of them are from people I have never heard of with random one word mail titles. I don't preview my mail and I add all of them to my junk mail list.

What else can I do as it appears to be getting worse? Any help would be much appreciated.

  p;3 03:12 22 Oct 2006

assuming you are using OE or outlook as your e mail client, I suggest you download mailwasher from here

click here ; this tool will check your mails on server and enables you to delete and mark as spam the ones you do not wish to have on your pc; do NOT bounce any ; also, if you think you might be infected and wish to have that aspect checked out, suggest you register with and post an HJT log on here click here; they can then confirm for you if you are clean ; hope that helps

  Miros 04:33 22 Oct 2006

I prefer ePrompter see this:click here
Make sure you look at the testimonials!

You can download it from here.
click here

A very small and simple programme but an effective way at examining all your mail before downloading or deleting.

  Miros 04:35 22 Oct 2006

Forgot to say it's free, donate if you wish that's up to you.

  spuds 11:51 22 Oct 2006

AVG,AdAware and SpyBot will not get rid of spam, as such, that is not their purpose.

Try as suggested, MailWasher or a similar product.

  p;3 12:56 22 Oct 2006

this has been ticked as resolved but it would help other members if an explanation of how this was resolved was given ; was the machine infected or was it a method of keeping the junk mail off the pc that was needed?

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