Forum Editor 01:16 01 Jul 2005

It has come to our notice that a forum member has been using the email envelope facility to send unsolicited spam messages.

We're horrified to think that someone would use the forum for such purposes, and we can only apologise sincerely to anyone who has received spam in this way. I've discussed the matter with the person involved, who tells me that there was no intention to give offence, and that it will not happen again.

We will not tolerate spamming via the email links under any circumstances - you should use the link only when invited to do so, or if you have a specific reason to believe that the other person will not have cause to resent the intrusion - if in doubt DO NOT use the email link. If in future you receive unwelcome messages from anyone via this route please let me know immediately.

  VoG II 06:42 01 Jul 2005


Yes, thanks FE I've just had one of those myself.

  €dstowe 06:52 01 Jul 2005

I have one:

Hi, This isn’t spam its an opportunity to get a new mobile phone, unlocked and sim free, for free, all the handsets are new, boxed and will be delivered when you reach top of your chosen handset list, just use referall i.d 12000637 (Nokia 6680) when you sign up at click here .com, I have joined 3 lists so far. Don’t miss out this is a genuine website. Regards robert

  Andybear 07:44 01 Jul 2005

This same message is in another thread in the Helproom. Really annoying.

click here

  Forum Editor 08:17 01 Jul 2005

Not now.

  Graham ® 08:46 01 Jul 2005

Me too!

  p;3 09:51 01 Jul 2005

thank you:))
obviously my houshold is not alone in this matter

evidently someone has not read the forum rules nor digested their content; and, seemingly, even now continues with their ploy and is open-spamming (if folks do not know, this is a computer forum help-room, not a sales shop or corner -store)

to anyone reading this of mine; I and my household will get what we require when we require it and not when someone or company wishes us to ; there is sufficient advertising around without someone adding to it either openly, on threads , or via private mails..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:54 01 Jul 2005

To start off with "Hi, This isn’t spam"

  Magik ®© 09:54 01 Jul 2005

oh, I feel left out.....................

  goffer23 09:58 01 Jul 2005

Well said, FE - I was wondering how it was going to be raised.

  iscanut 10:53 01 Jul 2005

I had two emails, exactly the same in content re mobile phones. Very annoyed to say the least ! Originator should be barred from these forums.

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