Space shuttle

  spikeychris 15:12 01 Feb 2003

For those with no news access..the space shuttle has burnt up on re-entry, astronauts on board....:o(

  Djohn 15:18 01 Feb 2003

Watching it now! very sad :o(

  jannerboy 15:35 01 Feb 2003

Dreadfull news

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:44 01 Feb 2003

Questions will no doubt be asked.

Interesting that the BBC news ticker rather plays down the events by saying "Nasa loses contact with shuttle."

Had it not been for this post I wouldn't have read the story. Lives have been lost here, will America be so ready to loose more in war?

  VoG™ 16:19 01 Feb 2003


  « Ravin » 16:34 01 Feb 2003
  ams4127 16:38 01 Feb 2003

Dear God.

  leo49 16:42 01 Feb 2003

What's far sadder is that the nameless wretches that they[and 'us']will be bombing hell out of in a few weeks time will be written off as 'collateral damage'.

  Psiman 08:56 02 Feb 2003

Greatest respect for pushing the envelope...:-(

  artist 11:28 02 Feb 2003

Such a brave thing to do - and to end that way. Tragic!

  tenor 13:21 02 Feb 2003

Suprised it didnt happen rata the amount of astronauts per death is pretty low,considdering the risks involved.Hope no more are lost in the future,but the chances are if we go to war with iraq more british soldiers will be lost in an hour than the yanks have lost in the whole space program.Makes you think,dunnit?
pro brit ,anti yank war.If they want to fight iraq,let them.I thought we had birds in the bush.looks like this bush is hiding a cabbage.peace and love,[email protected]

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