space not freed after deleting files

  Shadwellal 23:47 21 Dec 2005

I have a 150GB western digital external drive which I use for backups with Norton Ghost. It is NTFS with just one partition. I have deleted two back ups tonight (about 30GB each) but the space is still showing as used. Using Explorer (with folder options set to show hidden files) there are two folders, one of 58GB and one of 15GB, and a couple of system folders with a total size of a few KB only. So that should be 73GB used space, but it is showing 122GB used space. Any suggestions please?

  scotty 23:52 21 Dec 2005

Try emptying the recycle bin.

  Shadwellal 00:04 22 Dec 2005

Thanks, but I've tried that - didn't help

  De Marcus™ 00:06 22 Dec 2005

Try turning system restore on and off for that particular drive.

  De Marcus™ 00:09 22 Dec 2005

Also, did you reboot?

  De Marcus™ 00:12 22 Dec 2005

Some more help click here

  Shadwellal 00:16 22 Dec 2005

I've tried rebooting, and turned system restore off now for that drive - still no joy - Ive also tried plugging the drive into a different computer

  De Marcus™ 00:41 22 Dec 2005

Did you read through my 'click here'?

It mentions the norton thingy majiggy, it may be the root of your problem. I don't use norton so can't advise.

  Shadwellal 00:43 22 Dec 2005

Bingo -thank you so much De Marcus - it was your suggestion of "some more help click here". The problem was the Norton protected recycle bin. Even though I'd emptied it, I could still go into the recycle bin, find the deleted files and select and delete them - producing my lost 50GB

  interzone55 09:26 22 Dec 2005

As usual, Norton doing more harm than good. I never understood the reason for norton's protected recycle bin.
If I delete something it first goes in the recycle bin, then I have to delete it from the recycle bin, then delete it yet again from Norton's protected bin.
Surely having to delete things twice is enough of a safty measure.

Along with AOL disks I do not allow Norton software in the same room as my PC, due to the harm they cause.

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