Space disappearing from hard drive

  andy625 09:10 30 Sep 2010

I have a 3yr old Lenovo laptop running XP pro with a 160gb hard drive.

Recently the machine has been running relatively slowly, and when I checked the disk space in my Computer it said of the 105gb(?) capacity, there was 8gb spare. I did a disk cleanup, deleted all old restore points, and degfragged it without gaining hardly anything, and then 2 days later the space is down to 2gb. In that time we’ve only created a couple of small word files, and not downloaded anything etc.

I’ve searched for large files and done another disk cleanup, but whats puzzling me is that when I do “properties” on each folder on the C drive I get the following:

SW tools = 2.7gb
Windows = 7.6gb
My docs = 30gb
Program files 6.3gb

There are a couple of other folders with only a few Mb in them, and when you add the whole lot together, the total amount of space used only adds up to approx 49-50gb. Where has all the other space gone??

I accept that the pc does have quite a few programs installed, and the My documents folder is relatively large, however why doesn’t the sum of all the folders listed as being on the C drive add up to the 100gb of space that has supposedly being used up? According to my maths there should still be about 50gb space.

  Press Man 09:20 30 Sep 2010

Check the size of "system restore" in control panel/system/system properties/advanced. See how much is being reserved for restore points, you should be able to re-size it to what you want?

  andy625 09:30 30 Sep 2010

Thanks, Press Man. I forgot to say I did try that. I cant remember what the numbers were, however the slider was over towards the max setting so I moved it back to about 1/4 of the way from the LH end of the scale. It made hardly any difference to the available hard drive space.

  Press Man 09:52 30 Sep 2010


The only other thing I can think of is that you may have a "recovery partion" on your disc which may acount for the "lost space"?

  andy625 09:56 30 Sep 2010

I checked in disc management, and there is another 6gb partition,but that's seperate to the 105gb total that I'm seeing in My Computer.

It still doesn't explain why the sum of all the files on my C drive is about 50gb different to the total disc size.

  Press Man 10:22 30 Sep 2010


Check how much space is allocated to the recycle bin and temporary internet files, and reduce them to 2% and 50MB repectively, see what difference it makes?

  Press Man 10:31 30 Sep 2010


Also click here it may help?

  andy625 10:41 30 Sep 2010

Thanks l24, I will try that program, however Press Man I think that topic described in that forum thread looks more likely to be the cause of the problems in this case.

Than laptop is at home so I will have a look tonight and report back.


  rdave13 10:41 30 Sep 2010

WinDirStat is a good program to check what's on your harddrive. A small tutorial; click here
Be careful if you decide to delete any files. I only use it to see what's on the Hdd.

click here

  andy625 10:49 30 Sep 2010

Thanks rdave13 I'll try that one out too.

  andy625 10:57 30 Sep 2010

Thanks l24, but I cleaned out the restore points yesterday with no real improvement.

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