Space bar and shift key not working

  Roxto 14:53 03 Jun 2010

Hi, I recently spilled lemonade on my laptop and as a result my left shift key and space bar do not work. The incident altered some settings but the laptop is functioning fine. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this?


  ronalddonald 15:13 03 Jun 2010

1. Take a picture of the keyboard
2. get the old screwdriver out and take it apart
3 take out eh buttons and make a note of any
electrical lights and wires.
4. wash the keys with warm soapy water
5 give th keyboard a quick wipe down with warm water
6 replace the keys and screws and try it should be good as new

  ronalddonald 15:58 03 Jun 2010

sorry forget to mention point number seven

7. dry the keys before replacing

  wiz-king 16:22 03 Jun 2010

On a laptop? I dont think so.

  woodchip 16:45 03 Jun 2010

it should work okay on laptop if keyboard is removed first. you need to take care as the keyboard is connected to motherboard socket by a flimsy narrow ribbon cable, a little white wedge hold the cable in place, this is delicate and does not come out fully only just enough to remove the cable. can be a pain and suggest you take it for repair, it may cost less that damage you do

  mooly 17:54 03 Jun 2010

If any liquid has gone on the main PCB then it's going to cause problems in the days/weeks ahead. The acidic sugary mix is highly corrosive to electronic parts (I speak as a service tech... seen countless liquid damaged items) so you need to be 100% certain there is no other contamination anywhere.

If it is just the keyboard, you are lucky and it's worth fitting a new one... but as Woodchip says, if you don't know what you are doing you could end up doing irrepairable damage.

So beware, and good luck :)

  Roxto 18:41 03 Jun 2010

Thank you for your help.Unfortunately it's still not fixed but I will take it for repair.

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