gedms 08:30 19 Feb 2006

It appears, with only open office and norton 2003 I only have 12% available space. Is this usual and if not, what can I do about it to increase it.

  ICF 09:48 19 Feb 2006

Get a bigger hard drive.
How big is your current hard drive?

  gedms 10:44 19 Feb 2006

The hard drve is 12.7 gb

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 19 Feb 2006

Crap Cleaner click here
will remove all temporary files and internet cache.

You can also remove all files in the windows folder starting with $, these are uninstall points made when windows updates are installed.

  ICF 11:07 19 Feb 2006

That's a very small hard drive by todays standards.You must be using an old computer.
Hard drive are not expensive.£31.72 for a 80GB

click here

  gedms 13:36 19 Feb 2006

I am a real novice. Is it easy to install a new hard drive ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:24 19 Feb 2006

The limiting factor for fiting a new bigger drive could be the age of the PC and wether the BIOS will recognise your new drive (have an old PC that will not see drives over 20G)

How old is your PC, make and model, BIOS version?

Dead easy to fit a hard drive, 4 screws, 2 cables, one jumper.

Replace a HDD (fitting only)
click here

Fit 2nd HDD
click here
click here

  gedms 17:17 19 Feb 2006

I have little cash but it seems may be better and less hassle to buy another one, possibly 2nd hand ? This is old and came to me from a local authority.

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