SP3 Release Candidate 2 Refresh.

  ribo 16:10 19 Apr 2008

Can anyone help me please.
I inadvertanly downloaded the Register Script which is needed for the above.(SP3 RC 2).
I now keep getting a Windows auto update message telling me that the above has been downloaded and is ready to be installed.It says it is a High Priority Update.
I do not want it as I want to wait until the final realease.
I want to be able to get the critical updates as and when and I also want to install SP3 when it is finally released.
To get rid of this problem,do I need to get rid of the Registry Script and if so, how do I do this. Thanks. J

  johnnyrocker 16:22 19 Apr 2008

uninstall or system restore to before the problem?


  ribo 16:28 19 Apr 2008

Uninstall what? J

  cocteau48 16:50 19 Apr 2008

Why do you not want to install it?
You will probably find that is it is quite small compared to the 336MB beta release. (Mine was only 65MB)
It has already saved me downloading and installing most of last weeks critical updates as they were already included in SP3 RC2 and I think (hope)that come the final release it will just be an update to RC2.
Alternatively you could just live with it until the release of the final version which is only a few days away.

  ribo 16:58 19 Apr 2008

Thank you for your help. I do not really want to install it as from what I gather it is not the final release which should be free of all bugs etc.I want to wait for the final release.
I shall live with it. What is also worrying me is, because this(RC2)is downloaded and not installed then will I may miss the final release of SP3. J

  ribo 17:01 19 Apr 2008

I would also like to get rid of the download,which windows did automatically. J

  cocteau48 17:57 19 Apr 2008

I have found this link:
click here
which may allow you to complete the SP3 RC2 installation and then uninstall it again.
Hope this helps.

  ribo 18:30 19 Apr 2008

Thank you very much. Will see what I can do. J

  Stuartli 19:22 19 Apr 2008

In Security Center, from Automatic Updates, if you select "Notify me but don't download or install updates", you can choose (from Custom) which updates to download and install.

If there are one or more you don't want, ensure you tick the Don't Notify Me Again box on the panel which will appear after selection.

  ribo 20:05 19 Apr 2008

Because I had my auto update set to "download updates but let me choose when to install them".
I now have SP 3 Release candidate downloaded but not installed on my computer.(I realise that this was not an auto update and can only think I asked for it by mistake) I do not want to install it.Do you think it is ok to leave this download wherever it is,or will it interfer with the download and install of SP3 Final Release.when it arrives.
Is there anyway of getting rid of this download.I do not know where it is.
Thank you for your help. Must let someone else on here,so will check for replies in the morning. J

  ribo 20:34 19 Apr 2008

I have just seen the "do not notify me again" box and have ticked it,so I will not be asked again to install this SP3 RC. Thank you. That gets rid of that problem. I must assume that I will be offered SP3 when it is finally released as an auto update. I have now changed the setting to Notify but not download. Thanks again. J

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