sp3 problem - stopped by device driver?

  rickd 19:59 07 May 2008

I've put off installing SP3 because others have had problems, but today it was there on my MS updates so I downloaded it went to install it. After downloading, it went through all the steps copying and installing files (about 15-20 mins) fine, then the pc suddenly went off - black screen. Yikes. Came back on a few secs later with a BSOD "please wait......" for a minute and my heart sunk, then it came up with an "installation was interupted", will restore to .... screen. Which it did and 5 mins later it restarted and said it had failed to install SP3 and would do a rollback to previous set up.. another 5 mins, then a "software removal tool" deleted all the files that had just been installed (10 mins) and copied new files (backups?) followed a sickening wait and change of undies while the system slowly, slowly restarted. Which it finally did. Back to where I'd been an hour and a half before. Phew!

It then came up with "updates are available, do you want to install now". Foolishly, I said OK. an hour on and we're going through the same cycle, it's currently rolling back, again. I'm on my third glass...

The error reporting says a problem with a device driver. I know others have had various problems, but has anyone had this one. Should I delete the download and just ignore MS kind offers to update, or is there a simple cure.

  johndrew 20:22 07 May 2008

If you could identify what the BSOD is pointing to you may be able to either stop the process or change the driver. There is also a lot of help click here

  rickd 20:35 07 May 2008

The error says 1003 system error KRNLCRASH, no action required. I guess its telling me the outcome, not the reason. How do I look deeper?

  rickd 20:41 07 May 2008

Sorry, I'm talking windows XP SP3, not office SP3 (which I think your link refers).

Anyhow, I'm afraid the BS was just a please wait....., without an error code which came up AFTER the install crashed.

  rickd 21:19 07 May 2008

Nope, nothing showing as not working there.

  johndrew 17:04 08 May 2008

Have you got Spybot S&D Resident or WinPatrol or similar running? It may be such a program blocking the installation.

  rickd 18:40 08 May 2008

Norton 2008 was running during the first attempt, but I turned it off for the second. No other AV running.

I've googled it but found no help there either.

Do I have to have the latest Nvidia drivers?? One would have thought that since SP3 is really just all the hotfixes (which I have installed) since SP2 in one hit, that it would be compatible with all the drivers I have, but then again, that's just wishful thinking on my part.

I'm wondering if its something to do with my network set-up???

I'm thinking I'll just delete the download and wait a month or two. If I delete all the temp internet files and temp downloaded files will that get it off my machine???

  johndrew 20:07 08 May 2008

`Do I have to have the latest Nvidia drivers??`

I don`t and it installed for me (second attempt).

`If I delete all the temp internet files and temp downloaded files will that get it off my machine???`

I think I saw some Registry changes when it was installing so I doubt it. You could try a `System Restore`; most Updates create one before they start.

  rickd 20:23 08 May 2008

I think the fancy "software removal tool" unistalled all the files it had installed, put the registry back, did a clean up and did a restore itself. At least that's what I think it said it was doing during the 15 mins it spent rolling back.

Very accommodating tool I must say, almost like MS had an inkling it might all go ***s up!

What I really want, is to remove the "you have updates downloaded, do you want to install them now?", (i.e. the downloaded files) in case someone else using the PC decides it might be a good idea to try to install it again, and so I can also continue to download and install other updates (like a fix MS might bring out so I can actually install SP3).

  johndrew 09:43 09 May 2008

In another post click here Happy37 found SP£ could be installed in `Safe Mode` from a file. Have you tried this or simply doing a normal install when in `Safe Mode` from the download?

  rickd 11:31 09 May 2008

If it only installs in safe mode, it must mean that something that is normally running will be in conflict, so thats probably just storing up problems for the future.

I had an inexplicable freeze this morning, which may or may not be related, so will probably do a manual restore to before any of this.

I still haven't figured out how to delete the download.

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