SP3 with Norton Has it killed the PC?

  Mike_R 14:21 27 Jan 2009

My son's desktop is an Evesham Axis 64 KD desktop with an AMD Athlon 64 processor with Norton 2008 software installed. After installing SP3 and restarting, a screen flashed up with what looked like "System 32 parameters". It was gone too quickly to read. After that, the PC would not boot up and the monitor displayed a message saying that there was no digital signal.
Could it be an SP3/Symantic incompatibility, and if so, can anyone advise how I can boot up the machine so that I can remove SP3 or, perhaps, reload Win XP?
When I next visit, I shall take another monitor just to make sure that it is not the monitor at fault.

  birdface 14:28 27 Jan 2009

maybe try running in safe Mode[Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.]And try last good configuration or a system restore to a time before installing SP3

  Mike_R 14:37 27 Jan 2009

Thanks. Will do that when I next visit, probably tomorrow.

  brundle 15:06 27 Jan 2009

Should have disabled Norton's self-protection feature before installation of SP3. click here

  brundle 15:08 27 Jan 2009

Repair; click here

  Mike_R 15:30 27 Jan 2009

Yes. I realise now that Norton should have been turned off.

  Mike_R 18:00 30 Jan 2009

I seemed to have fixed it, but I've no idea how.
I went to my son's house, switched the PC on and tried pressing F8 then Delete with no luck. The screen continued to show "no signal".
Then I took the PC home and connected the screen to my PC which showed that the screen was OK.
I connected up my son's PC with the same result.
Then I thought that I would change the batteries in the wireless keyboard and mouse, and switched on again. The BIOS screen came up but would not budge.
I switched off and on again and windows XP came up with a message saying that it had recovered from a serious error. I tried rolling back to before the SP3 update but was told that no changes had been made to the software. Looking in Add/Remove programs shows that SP3 has no entry in Size.
I've just successfully restarted Windows and turned it off and on again. Am I now in the clear, has SP3 gone, and how did I do it?

  Mike_R 13:08 31 Jan 2009

Another thought. If SP3 has been removed would it be worth reinstalling it with Norton swirched off? Or am I just asking for trouble?

  brundle 13:22 31 Jan 2009

It's not a question of Norton being "switched off", it's specifically the self-protection feature.

"For Norton SystemWorks 2008 you have to go to the Advanced Options UI that is under Settings. Next, click on "Norton SystemWorks Options" and select the General tab. Lastly, uncheck the box that says, "Turn on protection for my Symantec product”.

For Norton SystemWorks 2008 Premier you can use either the previous instructions or the Norton AntiVirus instructions.

For Norton 360, disable the "SymProtect Tamper Protection" quick control within the settings page."

I followed precisely those instructions on a system with Norton 360 last week and SP3 installation was problem-free.

  Mike_R 14:50 31 Jan 2009

Thanks. Can you advise on what SP3 has to offer as I'd rather leave well alone if i'm not losing anything of significance.

  User-1212661 23:01 02 Feb 2009

Hello Mike,

This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support Team responding.

Although you mention that you have resolved the issue you were having, I did want to point you to a Symantec document that describes the reasons for such issues and the solution.

Please have a look at the following document regarding the installation of Windows XP SP 3 and Norton.

click here

Thank you,

Michael York
Norton Authorized Support Team
Symantec Corporation
click here

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