SP2 and "Not authorised to view this page"

  VCR97 19:54 20 Feb 2005

Everything was OK until I installed SP2 last night. This is the first time on-line with it. I am told that I am not authorised to view this page. I tried to go to the doubleclick site by clicking the link at the RHS of the page but the new SP2 Information Bar tells me that my security settings don't permit sites to use ActiveX controls. I have set my IE/Security settings to defaults as recommended but it's still the same. Privacy is set to medium. I can partially use this site but can't go back a page. I also have trouble with Wanadoo which also uses doubleclick. Other sites of various types are OK. Any ideas apart from ditching SP2?

  pc moron 23:47 20 Feb 2005

Doubleclick.net is an add site- this site uses them to display some of the adverts.

Are you seeing "Not authorised to view this page" in areas of a page where adverts would normally appear?

If you are, then it's probably down to the functioning of your firewall/add blocker.

It's showing the message because it's blocking the content from Doubleclick.net.

What happens when you click Back (IE6)- nothing?

  VCR97 13:45 21 Feb 2005

Thanks for that. Nothing happens when I click on the IE6 back button except that there is a rapid flickering on the status bar and the word "Done" appears. I have to click on "Helproom forum" at the top of the page.

Yes, the advert areas have messages about not being authorised, and it's at the top of the page. I haven't changed anything in my firewall/ad blocker (Zone Labs Internet Security Suite) and everything was OK before SP2.

I tried putting this site in my trusted sites list but to no avail. I've tried various settings of the IE security features.

I can use my Wanadoo Web-mail site OK but it still tells me that I'm not authorised.

It isn't a disaster but it's inconvenient and annoying. I've e-mailed Wanadoo, but I can't contact doubleclick because the ActiveX problem won't let me access their site.

  VCR97 19:15 23 Feb 2005

Does anyone have an e-mail address or phone number for the doubleclick outfit which does the advertising on this site? I still can't get into their Web site because my "security settings don't permit ActiveX". This is despite setting all the Active X ones to enable or prompt.

  pc moron 23:27 23 Feb 2005

I wouldn't bother with doubleclick, there's nothing there worth seeing.

The adds are provided on this site on a third-party basis- where you see "Not authorised to view this page", it is basically a link to doubleclick.

My guess is that the above message and the failure of the Back button in IE is down to configuration problems with your firewall.

When you install SP2 the Windows built-in firewall is enabled by default and you have to turn it off manually- have you done this?

Are there settings in Zonealarm that allow third-party adds to be blocked?

You could try turning off Zonealarm on this site and see if the adverts appear.

  pc moron 23:38 23 Feb 2005

I should have added that doubleclick (the site itself) appears in the Resticted Sites list in IE and Active X scripts won't run.

You'd be advised to leave this setting as is.

  VCR97 19:32 24 Feb 2005

You might be right about the firewall configuration but it's strange that it should happen just after installing SP2 and with no other changes. I have disabled the XP firewall. ZA is awash with permutations and combinations so I'll have a closer look at those.

Someone's server has decided that I'm no longer authorised, so it must "know" why. It beats me as to why the heck it doesn't tell me instead of putting up that totally unhelpful and meaningless message. I've recently seen several complaints of suddenly being classified as "not authorised" in other forums, but no solutions.

  VCR97 19:06 25 Feb 2005

Guess what? I logged on just now and the thing is working properly! I haven't done anything so it's either PCA or doubleclick. It'll be interesting to see if it stays this way. Thanks for your help.

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