SP2 crashed the internet connection!!!!

  Sabi 20:26 07 Dec 2006


Last night I installed Windows SP2 to my laptop which I hadn’t used for sometimes (was using the PC instead)
The installation went well but today when I switched on the lap top, I couldn't connect to internet!! I use AOL 9, BT Voyager 100, Windows XP (home- with Pentium 4, 512MB of Ram) ZAISS and Ad-Aware SE

I contacted AOL, who tried several time to rectify the fault by uninstall and re-install the modem and AOL software but none of which worked!! Every time the installation of modem driver with the disc of AOL 9 froze half way through!
I am hoping someone here could tell me what other step I should take.

Have you had experience like mine? If so, what did you do to solve it??

Many thanks


  Jackcoms 20:36 07 Dec 2006

What makes you think that SP2 is the culprit?


Uninstall AOL.

Clean out all the crap on the laptop with click here

Run check disk.

Defrag the HDD

Disable your AV program.

Re-install AOL.

Re-enable your AV

Try it.

  woodchip 20:39 07 Dec 2006

Why not do a System Restore to before SP2 see if things work. Then try again at loading it

  Sabi 21:24 07 Dec 2006

Thank you for your replies :-)

I have cleaned the all TIF, scanned and deleted any malware/spyware found. I have also Defrag the C drive. Aol have said the SP2 in my laptop is not compatible with their modem!!!! How bizarre is that!!!

Any way I will do both ways you suggested and see what happens!

Thanks again


  Jackcoms 21:30 07 Dec 2006

"Aol have said the SP2 in my laptop is not compatible with their modem"


SP2 is a fundamental; part of the XP Operating System.

Therefore AOL should, to my mind, be providing modems which suit the OS, not the other way around.

I've always disliked AOL as an ISP. This is just another reason to steer clear of them.

  Sabi 20:53 08 Dec 2006

After several attempts to uninstall and re-install AOL software and the modem driver, I was asked to check the USB Ports at the back of computer! The problem occurred half way through installation. At some point it was asked to connect the modem cable (BT Voyager 100) to the back of my laptop (Sony PCG)

As there was no pop up for "new hardware found", AOL asked me to check all USB ports (3) by using my pen drive! When that also failed, they said the fault was with USB ports and I should upgrade it!!

What puzzling me is; how come everything worked well before SP2 installation, the cable the connection the whole lot and now it doesn’t! Is it possible my USB ports had gone downgrade since then?????

I have no idea how to go about upgrading USB! Does anyone here knows how to that?
Please help



  rdave13 22:04 08 Dec 2006

If you have AOL installed then try this, install the ACS 4.6 beta from here click here . Make sure your drivers for the modem have been installed properly click here .

  woodchip 18:22 09 Dec 2006

Remove all your USB from Device Manager then restart your computer, After it reloads all, Try the USB ports

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