SP2 Anti-climax

  Bowsprit 08:34 10 Aug 2004

Downloaded it last night and expected great things as i have seen it quoted as being "virtually a new operating system".All it did at reboot was to say XP firewall was turned on and it wanted to take over my antivirus.A few minutes later it said PCA was closing down as it had encountered a problem,since that nothing new and no indications that it has even downloaded.

I suppose problems will show up as time goes on.

  Stuartli 08:40 10 Aug 2004

Thought it wasn't officially out till at least August 25th - you may have a beta version.

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  rawprawn 08:40 10 Aug 2004

Have a look in Control Panel & see if you have any "extras" like Security Centre, auto Updates & Firewall.

  Bowsprit 08:41 10 Aug 2004

Email not working properly.I suppose this is the start.

  Bowsprit 08:47 10 Aug 2004

You're right a few things are different including wireless networking.

  rawprawn 08:57 10 Aug 2004

I have been running SP2 Beta now for a couple of months with no problems whatsoever, even when I updated from RC1 to RC2. When you say your Email isn't working properly, what is the problem?

  Chegs ® 09:03 10 Aug 2004

In "Speakers Corner" is several posts concerning SP-2(a few of them are mine)I installed it on a pirate version of XP Pro,it worked just the same on here as yours.I had a minor heart attack when I saw the AV bit,took me ages to sort out it was XP taking over my AVG.Then I found my customisation of XP (Style XP) refused to work(wrong version)Then I found no easy way to disable SFC,as the hex code to alter in sfc_os.dll was missing,I had to copy "one I made earlier" from another PC to this one,just to shut the sfc off.I visited Updates,couple of files there but nothing vital.Then I noticed the start screen was missing the "Pro" bit,I had XP Windows but no identifier of Home/Pro.

Then I tried to install the "Recovery Console" It refused repeatedly,stating the RC was an older version than the one I had installed already(where at tho'?)

I gave up at 8:00am,removed SP-2,and once I've had a kip,I'm going to type "Format C:" chose FAT32 and go back to 98se with its problems of unable to work with 4+Gb files,512MB RAM limits,etc.At least it will work,unlike my genuine XP Home as I cannot get that activated!

One very angry PC owner|mutter,mutter,mutter|

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