sp2 altered security settings

  jstaunton 15:22 27 Sep 2004

have installed sp2 everything is ok as yet but i have just tried to download a file from a site and although my security level is medium i get message security settings will not allow download. help

  Diodorus Siculus 15:29 27 Sep 2004

Help to Protect Your PC when Saving Potentially Damaging Files

A file you download from the Web—for example, a game, a picture, or even a program—can be just what you bargained for, or it can be a vehicle for more malevolent intent. For this reason, Internet Explorer has stepped up its scrutiny of any file you begin to download, open, or save from the Web. Internet Explorer checks to see whether the file is the type of file it says it is and provides strong warnings if there are irregularities in how the file describes itself or if there seems to be a potential for harm based on the particular type of file (as shown in the following image). Internet Explorer also offers more concise information to help you understand the implications of opening or saving a file.


As in previous versions of Internet Explorer, you can see what type of file you are trying to download. In Windows XP SP2, you will also see the size of the file along with what type of file it is.


As in previous versions of Internet Explorer, you can see the source of the download—in other words, where the software comes from.


Internet Explorer also offers guidance about the type of file you are downloading.


You can click the How can I decide what software to run? link to make a more informed decision about what to do.

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