crystalineentity 10:30 15 Mar 2007

When i install sp2 on my puter i get page not displayed dns error on any browser i use, uninstalled it back to sp1 and the problem dissappears, have got no virus and done a clean sweep with spyware stuff and regclean and other reg programs + all win updates, also a fault keeps appearing that says datalink.exe error which i am struggling to find any info on this error,,,athlon 2400-1gb mem-nvidia 5500-sb audigy- on sp1 at the moment to write this...any help[ cheers

  Kate B 10:51 15 Mar 2007

You're mad to leave sp2 so late. I don't know what the source of your problems is though I'm sure someone else can help - the dns error sounds as though it might be a firewall issue - but you certainly don't have all the most up to date Windows patches as everything since sp2 requires sp2.

  crystalineentity 12:54 15 Mar 2007

hi, i have'nt left it this late, this is the first time its ever gone on, tried to get sp2 back this morning and same thing happens as it always has over the years the sp2 install stops at point of updating processes, so i have yet again gone back to sp1 to check pc advisor...thanx for your reply

  Jackcoms 12:56 15 Mar 2007

"i have'nt left it this late"

Er, yes you have.

SP2 is about 3 years old now!

What PC housekeeping did you do before installing it?

  Kate B 12:57 15 Mar 2007

You should have installed it about two years ago! One of the things sp2 did was upgrade the XP security software and it installed the Windows firewall, which is rather limited. However, it might be blocking your browser, so I'd have a look at its settings, which you access via the control panel, and make sure you've got your browser enabled.

  chocolate cake 15:22 15 Mar 2007

I got a disk sent to me recently from Microsoft, as SP2 wouldn't irecently for my brothers pc. If you want it please use the envelope and let me have your address details.

Before you do though you might want to install CCleaner and get rid of all the crap on your system as this is known to interfere with the install. click here

  crystalineentity 15:29 15 Mar 2007

sorry shall i start again, my puter crashed about 2 months ago and since then i cannot put sp2 on , it was on before the crash, i reinstalled the xp disk that i had and that was sp1, ran spy sweeper reg clean, reg cure, avg...running mozilla at the moment to get on here as ie6 is not responding or crap one of the two, i need to sort out what this datalink.exe fault is ...ta

  VoG II 15:34 15 Mar 2007

datalink.exe is a modem driver click here

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