SP1 - W7 - Can't download.

  Furkin 13:12 25 Mar 2011

HP dv9500 Lappy.

I recently upgraded my desktop from XP to W7.
It received SP1 along with other - automated - updates - all fine.

I also upgraded (!?) the H.P lappy from Vista to W7. It's taken all automated updates,,,, except SP1.

I've tried Auto and Manual install.

I've run a couple of Troubleshooting regimes. M.S says "problem fixed". It dosn't say what the problem was/is,,,, nor is it fixed.

I downloaded 'System Update Readiness Tool' - again to no avail.

Any more ideas please ?

  northumbria61 13:26 25 Mar 2011

Check to make sure the "Windows Udate" and "Windows Installer" are running in SERVICES - if not "Restart" them.

  Furkin 15:50 25 Mar 2011

Thanks N61.
Before I get to the lappy, these settings on the toppy are:
W.Update - Started > Auto
W.Installer - Manual.
Is this the usual setting ?

Also, to clarify: the lappy has downloaded & installed other updates,,,, just not SP1.


W.Installer - Manual
W.Update - Auto (NOT started.)
I highlighted the Update line & right clicked. At the top of the menu was Start. I clicked that & in services now says:
W.Update - Started > Auto.

Tried to download SP1 - again - no go.
It seems, so far, that this is the only thing that it won't take.

  Ashrich 20:01 25 Mar 2011

There was a situation like this with Vista service packs , there was the need to wait for certain drivers to be written correctly before they could be offered ( at least one was a sound driver )


  Muergo 20:02 25 Mar 2011

If you look at my thread "Windows update problems" you can see the printout from "windows Secrets" resource where Patchwatch says exactly what trouble you are having and Microsoft not fixed it yet, especially for laptops it would seem, hundreds in USA are similarly afflicted.

She recommends a "Hold" on installation of SP1 for the time being, there will be another update next Thursday.

Or log on to the Seattle site yourself.

  northumbria61 09:59 26 Mar 2011

I had a similar problem on Desktop - I "delayed" installing SP1 when it was first released as I wanted to see how it was going with other people. Then when I came to install it just wouldn't. In my case it was just a case of starting Windows Installer in "Services" and it installed - took approx 30mins.

  pk46 15:45 27 Mar 2011

I had a problem with SP1 for W7 it stopped control panel working there was not program on the icon clicked the only way i got around SP1 W7 was a complete OS reinstall not everbody's cup of tea
but i've had no more problems since.

  Furkin 11:38 03 Apr 2011

To any other readers of this thread,,,,
Thursday brought nothing new as far as my SP1 downloading is concerned.
Just to recap, I can download all other updates - just not SP1 on the laptop.
It was easy enough on the desktop though.

  Furkin 11:32 25 Apr 2011


The OP was initially concerning SP1.

I had Win 7 put on both my rebuilt Desktop & a HP Laptop.

Desktop has downloaded all auto Updates - including SP1 - EXCEPT IE9. It just won't take it.

Laptop has downloaded all auto Updates - including IE9 - EXCEPT SP1. It just won't take it.

I've tried manual updates of both programs on both macines.

As you see, they have both downloaded something that the other can't.

any further ideas please ?

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