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  It's Me 21:11 12 Sep 2004

On another thread, it has been said that someone having trouble was told to download SP1, I have to assume recently, as the Pc is only 2 months old.

Is this still possible does anyone know.

  pc moron 21:28 12 Sep 2004
  It's Me 21:43 12 Sep 2004

Thank you for that. I followed your link and it does refer to SP1 but as soon as you try to progress to a download it presents you with SP2.
So I assume that SP1 is no longer available.

I was trying to run sfc/scannow but it immediately asks for the SP1 CD, and I had hopes.

SP2 is a no no on my PC at the moment as it is a Mesh 64 which refuse to boot after an instalation, and M/s have not yet solved that problem.

  pc moron 23:02 12 Sep 2004

I see your problem.

The only thing I can suggest is that you create a slipstreamed CD using your original Windows CD and the SP1 network download.

  Strawballs 23:07 12 Sep 2004

click here go here and downlaod to disk this is for IT professionals who have to install onto multiple machines.

  Eargasm 23:18 12 Sep 2004

To get sfc /scannow to work without it asking for your sp1 cd,you have to change a couple of registry entries "sourcepath is probably set to look at your cd drive and needs to be changed to your c drive" have a look here click here

  pc moron 23:40 12 Sep 2004

Good info Eargasm, but if I were It's Me I'd create a slipstream CD- it's done then, and there's no more faffing around until SP3.

Now, that reminds me, must make a slipstreamed SP2 disk.

  Eargasm 23:45 12 Sep 2004

I could do with making a slipstreamed sp2 disk myself,but as i am a oem user i am just waiting for powerless to tell me how to do it.

  pc moron 00:13 13 Sep 2004

Hmmm, I've only had a quick poke around in Google, but it seems that most OEM disks will be okay for slipstreaming.

If the OEM disk is specifically customised by the manufacter, then it seems that's a no no as far as slipstreaming is concerned, otherwise it should be okay

There's only one way to find out- try it.

  It's Me 16:02 13 Sep 2004

Thank you. I've downloaded it now and burnt it to a CD.

This slipstreaming. I am a bit confused. Which SP should I be doing as both have been mentioned.

As to the Windows CD. I have, or will have shortly that is, the one supplied by Mesh for XP Home. After I got the PC I upgraded from the already installed XP home to XP Pro using a boxed upgrade CD. I assume that I should use the XP Pro Disk?

If I do this do you think that this would circumnavigate the known problem of installing SP2 on a Mesh 64 PC? (they refuse to boot)

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