SP1 Desperation

  mousel 21:01 06 Jul 2007

Trying to load XP Pro on new hd on 2003 Time laptop. Hd is formatted and 1 partition. can only load from floppies - no prob. until "insert SP1 CD". Have tried every download I can find (i.e. SP1a, SP2, XP Pro + S1a, XP Pro + SP2, other reload disks etc. but machine will not accept them. CD drive is OK. Have also tried external CD Drive. Any more suggestions please - apart from the obvious !

  Jackcoms 21:11 06 Jul 2007

What is that partition?

It isn't by any chance, a 'return to factory settings' option is it??

If so, you may not need a CD

  mousel 21:14 06 Jul 2007

Partition is whole drive (60G)I think.

  woodchip 21:17 06 Jul 2007

can only load from floppies. XP does not come on Floppies

  mousel 21:30 06 Jul 2007

MS download has floppy version for booting without cd - winxpsp1_en_pro_bf.exe - I think.
Must pause to eat !

  woodchip 21:33 06 Jul 2007

Yes you can use Floppys to Boot but you then have to reload XP from the XP CD. Then you can load SP2. You do not need SP1

  mgmcc 21:46 06 Jul 2007

If you format your hard drive as FAT32, you can install XP from DOS. Boot with a Windows 98 "boot floppy" and run the WINNT.EXE file in the i386 folder on the CD. You *CANNOT* run the Setup.exe file on the CD from DOS.

Microsoft's instructions for doing this are at click here

  mousel 22:18 06 Jul 2007

Woodchip - thank you. Alternatives are: 'insert sp1 cd' or 'exit' so cannot load XP - or any thing else.
MgMcc - Thank you - Had no option but to format as NTFS. How do I run WINNT.EXE from CD - copy to floppy ? Or through DOS ? Will read link - many thanks, but a bit brain dead at the moment - like the laptop !!!

  mgmcc 16:55 07 Jul 2007

Firstly, the drive must be formatted as FAT32, which can be done in DOS. Strictly speaking, you only need a partition large enough for the installation files formatted as FAT32 but it is simpler to use a FAT32 drive. It can be converted to NTFS later if you want.

Boot with a Windows 98 "boot floppy" and select the option to have CD support. Insert the XP CD and at the A:\> prompt, type in:


where "drive" is the letter of the CD drive. Note that when booting from a 98 floppy, it will have been displaced by one letter. If your CD drive is normally "D", it will temporarily be "E".

  woodchip 17:22 07 Jul 2007

SP1 is not a XP CD. Unless it's what you got with the Computer and it as XP on it

  mousel 18:45 09 Jul 2007

Many thanks esp to mgmcc for the Fat32 hint. Many hours spent reading umpteen MS KB's and we're there - albeit unvalidated. Now spending hours reinstalling software.
PS - how do I get back my standby power settings ?

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