Sourcing Socket 939 Dual Core

  bjh 18:45 02 Feb 2008

I've got an MSI motherboard that takes the older 939 AMD CPU, and I was hoping to buy it an upgrade to a dual core processor. I know that these are old hat, but it serves well enough as it is. I don't want to upgrate the motherboard at the moment.

I think I've missed the boat as, aside from Ebay, all the usual outlets seem to have sold out.

Do any of you know of any retailers still selling these, preferably at a bargain price? Ebuyer was selling the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 (ADA4200DAA5BV) for £50, but I missed out on getting one. I'd like a 4200, but a 3800 would be good!

Many thanks if anyone knows of a good source.

  jimv7 19:46 02 Feb 2008

ebuyer, 4000 amd click here

scan, click here

microdirect, click here(15184)AMD-CPU-Athlon-64-4000-64-bit-1Mb-L2-Cache.aspx

ebay, click here

  bjh 19:53 02 Feb 2008

Thanks, but none of those are dual core.

  jimv7 19:59 02 Feb 2008
  bjh 20:23 02 Feb 2008

Thanks - as I said, I'd rather avoid Ebay - particularly used stock. I haven't had the best luck with previous used processors from Ebay.

  Gizmo2005 20:32 02 Feb 2008
  bjh 20:41 02 Feb 2008

Good find; I'd forgotten to look at Overclockers. I've used them before as well!

OK, anyone find a faster one than Dual Core 3600? They've got a few in stock, so I will leave it for a (short!) while in case anyone finds a faster one. (I'd still love a 4200!)

Virtual beer to the best find!

Thanks to both of you so far.


  mrwoowoo 21:04 02 Feb 2008

click here
Hic! (O:!

  mrwoowoo 21:06 02 Feb 2008

oops am2
sobering up fast )O:!

  bjh 21:10 02 Feb 2008

Strong coffee and a breath mint on their way.

Thanks, though. Appreciate the hunting.

Still offering my virtual Black Sheep beer! Any more takers?

  mrwoowoo 21:39 02 Feb 2008

If at first you don't succeed (O:!
click here

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