soundmax audio with windows 7 RC

  JYPX 15:33 08 May 2009

I am trying out windows 7 rc. I had audio from the start but regular loud pops and cracks when rebooting or opening sofware. Went on the Asus website, searched for my board, and found Soundmax drivers for Vista 32 bit. Installed them - Soundmax icon now visible. The cracks and pops are less frequent but are still there. Anybody know of a solution (or even a good workaround) or will I just have to wait for a windows 7 driver?

  ambra4 15:53 08 May 2009

“The cracks and pops are less frequent but are still there. Anybody know of a solution”

To remove the Sound Scheme in XP do the following

Go into Control Panel – Click - Sounds And Audio Devices – Click Sound Tab

In the “Sound Scheme” window select “No Sound” and Save as “Default”

All the Cracks and Pops will no longer be available; your sound card will still work

  ambra4 16:14 08 May 2009

The same will apply in Windows7

  JYPX 16:19 08 May 2009

Thanks ambra4, but you mentioned XP. Will this solution work in Windows 7 and is the path the same?

  JYPX 16:20 08 May 2009


  ambra4 19:36 08 May 2009

My Pleasure always glad to help

If you want to get back “The Quick Launch Bar” in Windows 7 just follow these instructions

Windows 7's new taskbar functions as a program launcher as well as task switcher, and so the

old Quick Launch bar, an area on the left side of the taskbar that contained shortcuts for

frequently used programs, has been banished.

However, if you really miss the little applet, you can add it back.

Right-click the taskbar and choose Toolbars - New Toolbar

You'll be asked to select a folder for where the new toolbar should live.

In the Folder text box at the bottom of the dialog box, enter this text:

%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

After you do that, click Select Folder.

A link for the Quick Launch bar will be added to the taskbar.

It will be on the right of the taskbar, just to the left of the Notification area.

It's not particularly useful docked all the way to the right with no application icons showing,

so we're going to have to do a bit of work on it to make it useful.

Right-click the taskbar and in the pop-up menu, remove the check next to "Lock the taskbar".

Now Right Click - Quick Launch and remove the checks next to Show Text and Show Title.

Once you've done that, drag the vertical line next to the Quick Launch bar to the left until you

expose its icons.

To prevent further changes, right-click the taskbar and check Lock the taskbar.

You can now use the Quick Launch bar as you could in Windows XP and Vista, including

adding and deleting icons to it.

You should also check out these sites on tips

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