Soundcard Help 'Please'

  Supertramp 19:52 14 Jan 2003
  Supertramp 19:52 14 Jan 2003

I am running Windows 98SE with 384mb ram, 1gh Celeron and an Advance 10T mobo. The soundcard was a Creative 128PCI, I say was because this is where my problem begins. I was continually getting these scratching\crackling type sounds with just the speakers switched on, also when I inserted a CD I was getting what I can only describe as a high pitch whirring sound and/or something like that of the space invaders type sound.

I installed/reinstalled drivers, removed card & placed into a another slot, swap sound cable from CDRW to soundcard, removed cables from drive etc. etc. The noise can become unbearable as you can imagine, so on Sunday I purchased another card, this time a Hercules 5.1 DVD. Once fitted and up and running all was perfect, no noises etc. in fact it was a joy to hear music etc. That was until tonight when it has all started again, crackling with just speakers on and a loud whirring noise which speeds up inserting/ejecting CD and continuous from right speaker with music CD playing.

Can anyone help with any suggestion; I don’t think it’s the CDRW (Phillips 1208) due to the scratching/crackling type sound with just speakers on, is the mobo? I only had it fitted in June/July. Thanks in advance.

  Rtus 20:08 14 Jan 2003

did you change the audio in lead, maybe bad connector (Cd to card) ..It could also be picking up odd fields from line input /graphics card fan or something equally obscure by running to close to it as the cards are not sheilded.

  Supertramp 20:38 14 Jan 2003

Rtus - Yes I had already changed leads but this didn't make any difference. I have just changed the sound lead from the CDRW to my normal CD player, this time no noise not even whilst ejecting, only problem I was getting was just sound from right speaker?

Switched off and changed lead back to CDRW and blasted sound returns, I even removed speaker lead from rear of card and just plugged headphones into front of CDRW and you can still hear continuous noise from (R) speaker. I am now beginning to think the fault is with CDRW, leads are clear of cards etc. my graphics card does not have a fan.

  Rtus 20:43 14 Jan 2003

have you thought not to use the audio lead on the cdrw drive but enable digital extraction instead?

  Rtus 20:50 14 Jan 2003

actually come to think of it not all the drive audio plugs are the same I often have to adapt the plugs to get the audio signal correct for the sound card input. and because the signals dumped on one channel you get the odd noises..try looking at the card note which are on Some as
R G L G & some L G G R if you get what I mean...

  Ironman556 20:57 14 Jan 2003

My Sound Blaster picks up interference from my Plextor CDRW when the drive spins up and creates a whirring sound while the cd's spinning, which constantly drones in the background. I've been told that it's nothing to worry about. My Toshiba DVD-ROM doesn't create any noise through the speakers when it spins up.

  Supertramp 21:07 14 Jan 2003

This noise is just not background but load and overpowering, in so much, that you just cannot bear to listen to music CD's it really is loud. I have had this drive for about a year and there has been no noise whatsoever until a couple of months back.

  polymath 22:58 14 Jan 2003

384mb ram - 2 cards? Can cause strange problems if not precisely compatible (even when the total ram's recognised) but I don't know about noise problems. If your problem coincided with fitting a 2nd card, though, it might be worth trying removing 1.

  Supertramp 06:10 15 Jan 2003

polymath - Think you have mis-understood, I only have the one card. I only switched cable over from CDRW to CD drive to another.

I've switched on now and no crackling/scratching noises from speakers, nor any from open/closing CDRW tray. Can't do anymore until tonight, thinking it was the card I may now be wrong? fault maybe CDRW unless anyone else knows different.

  ^wave^ 08:31 15 Jan 2003

just a thought have you got your mike turned on it could be feeb back

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