Soundblaster -mixing effects

  snooker 11:00 07 Aug 2004

My sound card is the Creative Soundblaster 1024 Live and the environmental effects are great.
Can someone please explain how different effects can be mixed and recorded?
For instance a ‘Chipmunk’ voice on top of a ‘no effects’ instumental.
I can save the chipmunk voice but it reverts to no effects when the instumental is introduced..
I also have Audacity if anyone knows how this can be used instead.

  MichelleC 11:18 07 Aug 2004

You'll need to use different tracks with audio editor. This is s good freebie click here

  snooker 12:00 07 Aug 2004

Thanks Michelle

I have tried Audacity and it is does seem good but I still have the same problem.
On one track I imported a Chipmunk voice and on the other track a no effects intrumental. I lined them up and exported the project. When I replayed it the voice had resorted to 'no effects'.
what am I doing wrong.

  zootmo 12:48 07 Aug 2004

I'm not sure if this will help you, but on other Soundblaster cards you have an options to install an audio mixing/editing utility during the original installaton. Why not go to Creative Labs click here and check it out?

  zootmo 12:54 07 Aug 2004

You may already be aware that Creative's stuff was notorious for "drifting" from its original settings. This seems to have been addressed with later drivers and and a new front control panel,check the above link, I'm sure you'll get some info.

  snooker 13:55 07 Aug 2004

Thanks zootmo I'll check it out

  snooker 21:00 08 Aug 2004

Problem sorted.
The answer is to set the environmental effect reqd (e g chipmunk). and record in Creative Recorder set to 'What you hear'even if recording with mic. then set effect to 'no effects'and record backing instrumental in recorder.
Open both tracks in Wave Studio then copy and paste one track on top of the other (making sure curser of pasted track starts relevant to the other.Then play combined tracks while recording in Recorder. From there wav file can be recorded to CD.
Thanks all.

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