Soundblaster live - Install advice please

  wyatt earp 13:35 05 Mar 2005

I have a Win XP Home pc currently running an ASUS A7N8X mobo with bios version 2.0. I have been using the onboard nforce sound and would like to install a Soundblaster 5.1 card which is from my other Win XP home pc.

Can someone tell me the correct procedure to follow in respect of switching off the on board sound de-installing existing drivers etc.?

I have an up to date driver pack from creative and am able to fit the Soundblaster card ok - it's just the switching off the onboard sound i am not certain about.

Any advice welcome.

  Stuartli 13:50 05 Mar 2005

You should be able to disable onboard sound through the Bios settings.

In my Award Bios it's found in Chipset Features Option.

  wyatt earp 13:54 05 Mar 2005

Thanks for that.

In my 'Add & Remove progs' i have nforce utilities program & nvidia nforce windows 2k /xp nforce drivers.

Should i uninstall these prior to switching off the pc to adjust the bios?

  Chegs ® 14:57 05 Mar 2005

XP has its own internal SB driver,if you switch off the onboard,install SB and boot up,XP should detect the card and install its driver.I tend to stay with the internal SB driver,as installing the CD driver tends to include a few extra bits that slow the bootup process.

  Storik 15:28 05 Mar 2005

I have almost the same setup as you, and, after disabling EVERYTHING pertaining to the onboard sound device, I then removed all references to these from Windows XP. I then installed the Soundblaster Live (mine was a little more complicated because it is the platinum version with Live Drive). Because mine was an older version I had to download the XP drivers, but other than that, had no problems.


  wyatt earp 16:27 05 Mar 2005

Thanks all for your posts.


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