SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Digital Audio?

  LogIK 13:47 05 Dec 2004

Hi there,

Following up from a previous post about audio problems, I have decided to go down the digital route, in order to free up my analogue ports on my speakers.

Basically, I want to connect my PC to the S/PDIF port on my speaker amp, so my PC is using digital sound.

However, I have a SoundBlaster Live Value sound card, and it will not support digital output, so I'm thinking of buying a cheap card that will support S/PDIF output. The SoundBlaster Live 5.1, which I believe supports S/PDIF connectivity is the next model up from mine and is cheap to buy.

So, does anyone own one of these and/or know whether I will be able to interface with the S/PDIF on my speaker amp, as I want to be sure that it has a S/PDIF output before I buy it.


  Djohn 14:15 05 Dec 2004

I have the soundblaster live 5.1 and yes, it does support S/PDIF. In fact I have not used the analogue cables to connect to both my drives [CDRW & DVD] as the sound travels through the IDE ribbon cable to both devices.

  LogIK 14:22 05 Dec 2004

So, to connect the card to my speakers, will I need one of these cables: click here

  Djohn 14:45 05 Dec 2004

Not sure about that LogIK as I don't use the output side of the card except through the speaker connectors for 5.1 PC speakers. It looks to be the correct one but please wait for others to confirm first.

  LogIK 15:06 05 Dec 2004

I think I will pay a little extra and get myself a SoundBlaster Audigy 1, as they have come down a lot in price. I can get an OEM one for £20, which isn't bad at all!

All I need to know now is what cable to use to connect the card to the S/PDIF port on my speaker amp.


  josie mayhem 16:26 05 Dec 2004

It depends if the s/pdif is optical or coaxial, comes in both versions.

To tell the differance, if it's optical the port will be black and square with a pull out cover, the lead conector will also be black and square with a cover over the end.

For the coaxial version, this will look like a standard conection, but will be of a deep gold/yellow colour and have the normal looking jack type connection.

  LogIK 16:33 05 Dec 2004

It's the coaxial version.

The card I am getting is this one: click here

Is this the correct lead to use with that sound card: click here%

Thanks for your help.

  LogIK 16:34 05 Dec 2004

Sorry, bad link. This lead: click here

  Stuartli 17:58 05 Dec 2004

A SoundBlaster Audigy 1 OEM for even less:

click here

  Stuartli 18:00 05 Dec 2004

I've been visiting or ordering online from CPC for around 30 years in Preston (from the time it was based in a small wooden hut in North Road) and have always found that most of its prices are excellent, but some are (to put it kindly) higher than you can find elsewhere...:-)

  josie mayhem 18:42 05 Dec 2004

Yes that's the one for the coaxial version.

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