SoundBlaster Live! 1024 and Windows 98SE shut down

  Stuartli 18:02 29 Jun 2003

Has anyone ever installed a Creative SoundBlaster Live! 1024 on a Windows 98SE system and had the problem of the system failing to shut down?

I installed the card yesterday after disabling the on-board sound and deleting its drivers and, although delighted with the Creative card's ability, discovered that I now have to switch off manually.

A search of the Creative Europe forums failed to turn up any possibilities.

I have reinstalled the Windows98 ShutDown supplement again but without any joy.

  VoG II 18:24 29 Jun 2003

click here and scroll down to "SBLive: DEVLDR32.EXE PROBLEMS" - may help?

  Stuartli 19:24 29 Jun 2003

Many thanks for that, but it is basically for XP.

I have the very final drivers for the Live! card installed (from 2001) and everything in Device Manager states that all is well and that there are no conflicts.

It's probably something very simple on the lines of what you guided me to...:-(

  kimjhon 21:17 29 Jun 2003

When my SoundBlaster card was installed it coincided with the disappearance of a terrible 98SE shutdown problem.
There are a lot of threads about shutdown probs.and 98SE.
You could try installing the shutdown patch - or re installing it. Apparently it often gets lost.

  Stuartli 21:24 29 Jun 2003

As I said originally I have already reinstalled the ShutDown supplement without success.

Just been having another google hunt for possible solutions but without success.

Got lazy after experiencing system normally being able to shut down by itself over past the four years (as well as using the HotKey to boot up)...:-(

  Ironman556 21:26 29 Jun 2003

My SBLive! 1024 used to give an error on shutdown. Try disabling the DOS drivers (SB16 Emulation) from device manager.

  Stuartli 21:32 29 Jun 2003

Thanks - just deleted them...

Will check how it goes when I switch off.

  kimjhon 21:36 29 Jun 2003

Sorry. Can't read now !

Am actually waiting for a response to a thread about a prob when I re installed the SB drivers.

Just a thought but have now got Audio Headquarters in your system tray ? It would be another program open. Could change the delicate balance of things.

  Stuartli 21:52 29 Jun 2003

You're a star...:-)

However, it did involve a slightly different route but with the same result.

I deleted the DOS driver as you suggested and, instead of stopping on the DOS cursor, the system closed down properly.

However, on rebooting, Windows98SE found and reinstalled the DOS drivers.....

So I've done a Disable In This Hardware Profile on them and, after shutting down again and rebooting, everything is back to normal.

  Stuartli 22:00 29 Jun 2003

I'll tick the Resolved box - many thanks to all.

  Stuartli 23:21 29 Jun 2003

Have another go..

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