sound to a tv

  1973scotty 15:47 18 Dec 2010

i have the cables to a tv vga cable and 3.5mm jack cable, but how can i get the sound.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 18 Dec 2010

Do you need to set sound input source in your audio menu on the TV?

make and model of both PC (laptop) and TV might help + operating system win 7, vista, xp?

  GaT7 16:43 18 Dec 2010

I'm guessing you're connecting a PC/laptop to your TV.

The 3.5mm jack on your TV is most probably present to connect headphones to. AFAIK, to send the PC/laptop's sound to the TV, you need to connect the 3.5mm jack on the computer/laptop's speaker out to the RCA connectors on your TV using a 3.5mm jack to 2xRCA cable like click here.

But I may be wrong, so when you reply please tell us the make, model & type of TV (CRT or LCD/TFT) & ALL its various connectors. And also all the available graphics outputs on the PC/laptop. G

  The Potter 19:57 18 Dec 2010

I have my pc hooked up to an LCD tv and I just use a 3.5mm cable from the earpiece socket on the pc to a 3.5mm 'audio in' socket on the back of the tv.


  GaT7 22:30 18 Dec 2010

If you're connecting from the PC's green audio output into the TV's 'audio in' (if that's what it actually is), then it should work - like click here. G

  1973scotty 10:03 19 Dec 2010

hi i can get the picture, but no sound tv is s dusl lstop mske is hp

  1973scotty 11:06 19 Dec 2010

sorry the tv make is dual the laptop is an hp.

  1973scotty 11:46 19 Dec 2010

thje machine is running on windows7 and is using a realtek hd audio.

  GaT7 16:08 19 Dec 2010

Did you check volume levels on both? Do you have a link to your TV model? Or, the exact model number?

We asked you some specific questions yesterday, but you choose to answer in dribs & drabs. G

  1973scotty 16:22 19 Dec 2010

checked volume levels on both they are ok,i dont no the model number but it is a dual lcd.

it has a serial connevtopon in the back along with pc audio red and white input. it has two scart sockets and an av audio in put red and white.

the operating system on the laptop is windows7

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 19 Dec 2010

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