Sound - In through the outdoor

  agarm11 01:10 03 May 2003

Trying to sort a friends pc with no sound. I was about to reinstall the drivers for the ECS K7S5A mobo, when as an afterthought I plugged the speakers in the built in mic socket and got sound. Tried the mic in the speaker socket and that worked. Any ideas why the sockets would seem to have swapped over?

  barn 01:15 03 May 2003

Although both sockets do essentially the same thing, I think it's very unlikely they would have swapped functions. Are you absolutely sure that the sockets are marked as what you think they are?
If so, then I'm baffled. Try running a diagnostic like Sisoft Sandra and see what that tells you

  DieSse 01:17 03 May 2003

This board has got probably got internal jumpers, so that the front panel connector can be used instaed of the back panel. Check to see if the jumpers have been messed with, in the manual. If you're taking about the front panel - then it's just been connected up wrongly inside.

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