sound on speakers distorted

  nonowtatall 10:24 28 Dec 2009

lately my speakers are tinny and distorted and make scratchy noises they havent been altered in any way what makes them go like this i have pulled the cables out and put them back i have reinstalled the sound card but still is terrible to listen to what can i do next

  canarieslover 15:10 28 Dec 2009

Check the speakers with another source, MP3 player or CD. If still the same then you need new speakers. If they are OK with another source then check to see if there are any updated drivers for the sound card.

  nonowtatall 16:52 29 Dec 2009

Hi canarieslover
did what you advised and found my speakers are ok on other machines and walkman so what can i do now i put the system disc in and loaded the sound card drivers but it is still the same tinny and scratchy any thing else i can try

  canarieslover 18:54 29 Dec 2009

Is it a seperate sound card or built onto motherboard? Are they surround sound or 2:1 stereo? Check in control panel for set-up of your speaker system, it may have been altered away from the correct format by updates. If they are 2:1 stereo and setup shows 5:1 0r 7:1 then you will lose a lot of the detail from the speakers.

  puddylump 08:07 30 Dec 2009

What it sounds like to me, is that either the Jacks on the speakers themselves are broken, or the port that you put them in is broken.

Could you tell me what operating system your using, and also what cables you are plugging in? Oh, and what colour the ports are that you plug the jacks into.

  nonowtatall 11:54 30 Dec 2009

Hi Puddylump
i am useing windows xp pro sp3 i plug into the green outlet the top one underneath is blue the jack is green as well that works great on my walkman and friends computer but when i insert it into my outlet it crackles the sound is onboard my asrock k7vm2.3.ox motherboard and is 4 to 5 year old what about putting a seperate sound carn in any ideas

  Terry Brown 20:25 30 Dec 2009

It could be that the Built in sound card is danmaged (loose connection) or has developed a fault.

If you have a spare IDE slot on your motherboard, a usable sound card will cost you about a fiver, or a USB one will cast about £8.- see advert.
click here


  nonowtatall 20:42 30 Dec 2009

how will i know what type to buy and how do i switch off the built in sound card so the new one takes over i just have ordinary twin stereo speakers

  Terry Brown 10:07 31 Dec 2009

If you just want a simple sound system (as most built in ones are) ,almost any sound card will do.

The point is :
If you have a spare IDE slot on your motherboard and feel confident about opening the case and inserting a new board, go for that, else select the USB option.

To disable the onboard sound card, go to BIOS, and look for audio, and disable.

If you are not sure about any aspect of this, ask a friend to do it for you.

  nonowtatall 15:27 15 Jan 2010

hello terry brown
sorry for the long delay in responing but the snow delayed me getting out evetually i purchased a new card and installed it was easy and everything is working again thanks for all the help

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